Recruiting Virginia Bigs abound!!!!


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Apr 22, 2009
Watching the Rhode Island- Maryland game and Maryland lottery pick Jalen smith is from portsmouth!!!

I've never seen so much big man depth in virginia.

Jalen Smith 2018, Mando Bacot, Qudus Wahab, Diawara, Quentin Millora Brown, Joe Kabimba 2019, Mark.Williams, Isaiah Todd, Noel Brown, Burke Smith 2020, Efton Reid, Roosevelt Wheeler, Mathew Nunez, Nana Njoku 2021.

If we just get snag one of them ar center then we are in the money.
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Apr 22, 2009
The trouble has been getting one to sign. If there is any weakness with the current roster it is the lack of another young post player. I’ll define that as being 6’8” and up. Next year Corey Douglas and Marcus will be seniors and it would be nice to have another freshman big On the roster for development. In fact that’s imperative. This team does better when the inside game is going well. Marcus is the only real consistent inside scorer thus far. Douglas gives great defense and rebounds and he will be a senior next year. Ward will get there. Having another post player is a glaring need. Ward is probably going to be a good one but more are needed.
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