W3=Wiretap Willie Wade


Dec 5, 2012
Interesting take

"The FBI scandal has put a spotlight on blackmarket deals like the one Wade allegedly put together for Smart. Just know this is happening throughout the country, probably with your team and definitely with your biggest rival.
As long as the NCAA continues to cling to its outdated model of amateurism, a black market will exist. There’s simply too much money involved for it not to happen. The NCAA can stiffen the rules and get the real cops to enforce their fake laws, but college basketball will continue to operate this way until players can be compensated fairly for their work."

Apr 21, 2009
Honestly this is a dumb move by LSU. Self punishment won't get them anything.
Yes, yes it will. NCAA is more likely to ratify existing, less harsh punishments...but when schools start to flail around and play cute, the NCAA tends to punish them much more harshly. Enforcement at the NCAA would rather close these cases, than have a long, drawn out process. Think of it as a judge ratifying a plea deal...in many cases, it 'works out' for everyone.


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Aug 12, 2016
According to the LSU fans, everyone pays recruits. They're more upset with the suspension than the possibility their coach cheats. The only blame placed on Wade was that he wasn't a smarter cheater, basically. Everyone else does it has never worked for me. So happy we have Coach Rhoades.
May 19, 2015
I don't feel bad for the guy at all, but LSU basketball is destined to be trash no matter what the fall out is from this. And they were trash before Will Wade. Might as well ride the crazy train all the way to the end of this season. Can't hurt when they're likely gonna have to vacate wins anyways.
I think they should be banned from playing in the NCAA. Unfortunately, the trial to prosecute these accusations will not come in time to declare such guilt on freak willy and LSU.