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May 3, 2012
Where do y'all get your pound cake? Asking for a friend.
This is ironic because on Monday I was waiting for my son at the Rockville pool when a friend brought half a lemon poundcake to me as I was sitting in the car. Home made and lip smacking good.
Feb 14, 2011
HouseofBurgess: Great write-up. I would put that out as the highest level of posting on this board. Thanks a lot! It's stuff like that that brings me back more frequently in the off season.
Agree, that one post by HouseofBurgess erases about 1000 post of garbage.

I don't particularly care for GT's but the trade off is the maturity and consistency it brings to younger teams.
Mar 1, 2015
A financially independent eccentric who’s life is an endless cycle of sex, pound cake, and watching basketball. You say poor him...
Mar 1, 2015
:lol: :lol: ...I love that you added that. Van Halen (w/Diamond Dave) Metallica (w/ Cliff Burton) Black Sabbath (Ozzie only) Genesis (pre Phil Collins takeover).....ALL these distinctions matter!!
Q “do you like ________“

A “Their old stuff”

Not a Hager fan, but the guy had some chops. The band just sucked more.

yesterday in an effort to control my hair, I put a bandanna on. Wife said I looked like a Guns N’ Roses roadie. I felt pretty good, then she said not in ‘88, now. Then I felt like crap.


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Aug 4, 2017
Feeling 12-15mpg, 5-8ppg, 4-5 rpg and leadership. I would take that all day long. So much uncertainty surrounding the 2020-2021 season. I know pocketing the scholly, or waiting it out was an option, but there was no guaranteed anythitn. If we get a season, which it seems like we will. I’m on with using it on a 1 year rental on a been there done that kind of guy, (who has been to the elite 8) who may help us win a game or 2 and add another senior to the class balance