Players Welcome to VCU, Jamir Watkins!!!!!


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Dec 7, 2011
I agree with this. I like the idea of tall wings flying around the court. Add a deadeye shooter with the last spot. For 2021 look at bigs or maybe get a transfer or JUCO big if someone leaves in the offseason.
I always liked how Louisville had the roster set up under Pitino with long wings and the up tempo positionless basketball. Seeing how this roster is being constructed is making me very excited about the future of the program.


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Apr 21, 2009
For those of you keeping score at home, the staff has beaten the following for recruits just this class: VA Tech (twice!), GTown, UConn, Maryland, Miami, Providence, Seton Hall (twice!), South Carolina, TCU, Georgia, Providence, WVa, and St Johns (among many others). Granted, their interests varied in intensity, but these were all legit offers to the kids we've snagged.

Pretty good, huh?
I don't want to go all negative here.... because this is a time to celebrate. And a reason to celebrate. We've just gotten awesome news.... on top of more awesome news..... and so on, and so forth, lately. But I can't help but laugh, and remember some of the Idiotry around here, after Coach's first 8-9 weeks on the job. You know... that time where he had to basically assemble an emergency-class of basketball players, and turn it into a roster. The time he had like.... no time at all.... to put the pieces left in disarray by the last Coach..... back together again, so we could compete. The same Guy that then went out and won 18 games (when 20 was our mostly unrealistic target), with that Team. And yes- the same guy that then turned around and had an Amazing First-Place A-10 Season, and took us back to the Big Dance, after only a 1-year hiatus.

And isn't this the same guy, and same Staff, that has now put together 2 fantastic recruiting classes in a row? And all the while, turned some of those early players he brought in.... into legit A-10 Players? Some People just won't give anyone a chance. They rush to judgement so fast. They want these results after 8 or 10 weeks - and not the normal course of time that it usually takes to accomplish these things. I think what Coach Rhoades has done at VCU is simply amazing. And guess what? The best isn't even close to being seen yet. The best is yet to come. Big things. Huge things are in store for this Program. I am so excited. Once again, People want to get on this Train. And they are realizing they have to do it - fast.
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