To help us continue to provide premium coverage, we are offering a subscription package. Subscriptions include access to premium content, like videos (game highlights, interviews and all the other stuff we cook up behind the camera), game previews, recruiting articles from the “mysterious” District Baller, in-depth blog posts and an insiders forum (to be introduced later this year).

How much? We are offering two simple options: the first is a $4.99 per month pay-as-you-go option, the second is a $50 per year subscription that will save you $10 in the long run, because as you know, VCU has become a year-round sport due to recruiting, coaching changes, NBA draft entry and offseason program improvements.

We hope over the years you have enjoyed what we’ve created at and see the value in this new subscription plan and are excited about helping us continue our in-depth premium coverage of VCU basketball. We thank you for your continued support and welcome any questions you may have about our new subscription package.

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