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    The Official Beat the George Mason Patriots in Fairfax Thread

    My daughter, a Fairfax police officer, is a GMU grad. And her engineer son inlaw, too
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    The Official Beat the Will Wade-less McNeese State Cowboys at the Stu Thread

    It is on MASN with a 30 minute pre-game VCU report preceding the game
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    The Official Beat the Mars Hill Lions at the Stu Thread

    Anyone else still waiting for tickets? Bought the weekend package
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    Players Post-Coaching Change roster overhaul

    McIntosh was a great kid, but never played. He transferred in, but really couldn't fit the program.
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    Players 2023-24 Roster Thread

    We may need to pin this thread. Hopefully not.
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    The Official Beat the Saint Mary's Gaels in Albany in the NCAA Tournament Thread

    Ref made a kick out motion implying Ace kicked out to cause contact. If that were true, it "could/should have been a flop call. If that isn't called, it should be Ace shooting 3 FT. That should not be a 'play on"
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    Notice the confetti was Dayton colors?
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    David Shriver Is One Badass Ram!

    Any way we can get the recording of the interview?
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    UMass tickets

    Looking for 2 or 3 tickets to Tuesday 's game
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    The Official Beat the Dayton Fayers in Ohio Thread

    Not a slow start...a slow last 12 minutes
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    The Official Beat the Dayton Fayers in Ohio Thread

    The first half ended down 14 headed the wrong way. Held them yo fewer points in the second half and over doubled out output. Kinda good adjustments.
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    The Official Scuttle the Navy Midshipmen at the Stu Thread

    Looking for a couple of tickets to this game if any are available.
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    2 Great tkts to Radford game Wed. 12/14/22

    Are these sold?
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    Offense v previous seasons

    Just an observation on JJ. Early in the Morgan State game he had a discussion/ disagreement with a ref that seemed "heated". Next two times he had contact with a MS player....quick whistle by the same ref. This ref called all of JJ's fouls. Love his fire, but he may needto reign in some...
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    The Official Beat the St. Bonaventure Bonnies at the Stu Thread

    Could they be the same thing?
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    The Official Beat the George Mason Patriots at the Stu on Senior Night Thread

    Another positive to me was that we got a lead,(lost it, not positive), got back to the lead after going down by six, and as I commented to a friend, without our two leading scorers, Ace and Vince, not really scoring. Felt good when I looked up at the score board after MJB had brought us back and...
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    The Official Beat the Fordham Rams in the Bronx Thread

    On Verizon, the game is on MASN2, don't remember the channel, but it is showing the game. I think it is 577 in HD