2009 Suprise Ram

Jul 10, 2009
Question: Any insight on development from last year's non-starters and incoming signees as to who will be this coming season's "suprise" in terms of performance?

I have nothing to base this on but believe these three guys are going to really step up: Gavin, Gwynn, Nixon.
[I believe at least one of them will start by 6th game...I like our new kids, but experience is hard to overcome unless huge talent exists. Going from a first year 3-star recruit to a starter on a reasonably stocked former NCAA team is hard for me to hope for].
I'd be surprised if gavin isn't starting from day 1.
I think our lineup on opening day will be:

1. Joey
2. Brandon
3. Bradford
4. KP
5. Larry

And I don't see that changing till conference play at the earliest.
I think TJ is the forgotten man here. That guy is all hustle and plays really smart basketball.

WITH THAT, I don't see him still as more of a "hustle stats" guy, not really someone who will put up a ton of points.

As far as a guy who will surprise who didn't start or play last year...I guess it's a coin flip between Brandon and Jay. I love Brandon but to me Jay still is a little more proven at this point (all be it at Marist). He has shown the ability to dump some serious points on some good teams, and did it off the bench as a freshman (21 against Rider, 16 v Houston, 10 v Wright St, 12 v UMass, 16 v Hofstra, and 19 against Miami in his second game ever, etc). I would like to see him hit a higher % of his shots though...

Still think people are really sleeping on him. I also think he is going to come out of the blocks with a drive and passion perhaps unequalled by any player on our team.

Jay Gavin: 09-10 Surprise Player of the Year
Hands down, the surprise player of the year will end up being Jamie Skeen. Skeen has all of the tools, including the ability to step out and hit the three.
ramathon74 said:
Coach Smart may be the surprise Ram of the year!

You make more sense in a sentence or two than most of us do in whole paragraphs.
B Rozz is the next Jamal Shuler on all fronts, although I will say that with the potential he has already shown, his averaging 13-14 ppg next year should come as no surprise.

My close second is Bradford Burgess - a breakout sophomore year is on order.
I'm going to go with Theus. I have a gut feeling about that guy. I think Gavin and Skeen are going to b e excellent players- but personally, I don't think it will be a surprise. That's why I vote for Theus.
I expect BRozz to have a breakout year. I expect Brad to continue to improve on his excellent Freshman year. I expect Gavin and Skeen to be good and contribute significanty, so these are not surprise players. I think the surprise players will be TJ either as a starter or a sixth man and Grayson. TJ because not so much as a big offensive threat, but because of his experience, leadership, and mental and physical toughness. Think the UCLA game. Grayson because he is lightning fast and we were able to get him partially because all the BCS schools thought he was going for a post grad year. Think about it, he was recruited to play on the national champion high school basketball team.