2010-2011 Men's Basketball lineup

Aug 27, 2009
2010-2011 Men's Basketball lineup

Freshman - Reco Macarter 6’7”, 190 pound SF
Freshman - Rob Brandenberg 6’2” 175 pound SG
Freshman - DJ Haley 7’0” 225 pound C
Freshman - Juvonte Reddic 6’10” 215 pound C

Sophomore - Issiah Grayson 5’11” 160 pound G
Sophomore - Darius Theus 6’3” 195 pound G
Sophomore - Troy Daniels 6’4” 195 pound G
Sophomore - David Hinton 6’8” 230 pound F

Junior - Bradford Burgess 6’5” 215 pound G
Junior (transfer) - Toby Veal 6’8”230 pound PF

Senior - Ed Nixon 6’4” 200 pound G
Senior - Jamie Skeen 6’9” 245 pound F
Senior - Brandon Rozzell 6’2” 185 pound G
Senior - Joey Rodriguez 5’10” 175 pound G

This is a killer freshman class coming in just by size alone. We will have to drop someone though because of the 13 scholarship rule.

Starting lineup predictions....
The point guard leader
Joey Rodriguez 5'10"
The two big men
Jamie Skeen 6'9"
Toby Veal 6'8"
The three Pointer
Bradford Burgess 6'5"
Either one of these two guys will complete the team on the floor
Ed Nixon 6'4"/ Brandon Rozzell 6'2"
Hinton is a walk-on and doesn't count against scholarships.
Very good analysis. My starting 5 would be:

PG Joey Rodriguez
G Ed Nixon
G/F Bradford Burgess
F Jamie Skeen
F Toby Veal

Key bench players:
G Brandon Rozzell - seems like he is always better off the bench because he can provide a spark
PG Darius Theus - Obviously the backup PG
SG Troy Daniels - Will porvide a spark with his 3-pt shooting
S/F Reco MaCarter - Very athletic. I seem him as another Ed Nixon, but 3 inches taller
F Juvonte Reddic - Will get a good amount of mintues because he is obviously 1 of the baackup forwards
F DJ Haley - Will recieve minutes because we will need a big guy, but is obviously a work in progress

Limited Minutes:
Grayson and Hinton are obviously not going to recieve much PT
Rob Branderburg shouls be good, but I do not see him having a big impact his Freshman season. After J-Rod/Rozzell/Nixon all leave, he will recieve much more PT and become a bigger factor. He seems like he will be the Troy Daniels of this year -- shows signs of flashes, but will not have a huge impact
Before anyone writes off anyone as not likely to get minutes, they should consider the ugly and usually unspoken potential for injuries (of either short or long duration). Also, on a per-game basis, foul trouble can upset the playing time applecart. Having anything less than 3 players capable of playing at each position (albeit some may be the equivalent of an emergency QB) is asking for trouble over the course of an entire season.
And don't dismiss players getting better over the summer. Upper classmen are not guaranteed minutes. Just look at TJ's and KP's minutes this past year. For all we know Daniels may put in mega work this summer and leapfog both Nixon and Rozzell.

Logic says as of right now:

PG Joey Rodriguez
G Ed Nixon
G/F Bradford Burgess
F Jamie Skeen
F Toby Veal

...but its only April 2010. Very much subject to change come November 2010.
Sounds like in Shaka's camp you earn your playing time...not a given. That being said I thinkt he chips fall along thataint's call. Havoc system will see most everybody in the rotation.
I like the videos I have seen of Reddic. He appears to be a true post. Therefore, my guess is he gets or at least ends up in the starting position at center along side Jamie.


Veal will most likely rotate in with the two big guys and if we are lucky play along side them in a bigger lineup. Also Reco will probably play some in the post similar to what Brad does on small lineups.

Hopefully, Brandenburg, and Haley redshirt as there may not be enough meaningful minutes for either and doing spot duty would be a waste of a year given these guys potential.
From what I've heard the starting job is Veal's to lose. That said, Juvonte is getting PLENTY of minutes for sure.
Once again we are blessed with a deap team and although our starters are important, the play of the "bench" is vital to our suceess. Veal and Skeen should start but Reddic and Haley should get plenty of playing time. I suspect Reco will be Burgess back up w/ Rordiguez at the point with Theus backing him and a dog fight between Nixon, Rozell and Daniels over who starts at the shooting guard. Then we have Brandenburg and Grayson who may suprise us all. Future looks good amigos.
I decided I'm gonna play this year so you can just pencil me in right there ...
Dont forget Kent Bazemore...I heard he wants to join the winning tradition.

(credit to @BurgBoyNeef)
districtballer said:
From what I've heard the starting job is Veal's to lose. That said, Juvonte is getting PLENTY of minutes for sure.

Sounds good. Do you or anyone know if Shaka is going to change the offense to adjust for the lack of a true big guy or are we simply going to move Jamie into the five spot and play as usual? I read something somewhere that Veal wanted to play on the wing and Jamie did as well.

I have seen coached who adjusted to the lack of a true big guy. I remember an Illinois team that had a line up of 6'5 and 6'6 that made it to the elite eight. Michigan won it that year.

Either way, change offense or have one of the guys adjust, the future looks bright.