2023-24 NET rankings and metrics thread

We picked up two more spots in the NET after this weekend's games. Up to 73. Dayton's at #18 and Richmond is still in the top 75.
If we hadn’t blown the game at SBU, then we’d be getting a good number of votes in both polls. We’d be one of the hottest teams in the country with a 9 game win streak and a win over a top 20 team.


the current list of VCU basketball thoughts living rent free in my head
Zeb's missed layup
The continued absence of Air Rodney
Rams SBU death spiral

There is another list of all time VCU regrets, but that's a different conversation...
Showing my VCU craziness, but I have watched that ISU game 4 times now trying to figure out what went wrong. It's really baffling how we lost that. I know we don't whine about refs, P6 conspiracy, yadda yadda. But here are some thoughts.

- in that game we had a game score of 95. The highest of the season. Even higher than fur and Dayton. We won every single game with a score above 90. But somehow lost our highest one.

-we were up 10 with 6 mins left. In fact we led pretty much the entire way until the last maybe 3 possessions or so.

-we hit 8 more threes than them. Had better percentages from 2, 3, and ft line.

-ISU shot 30 FTs. This is the 2nd most FTs all year. The other being PSU another P6.(Shot 35). amazing did Ace and the boys get that many FTs when they played here??

-At around the 6 min mark, ISU starts hooking us on every rebound. The announcers even comment on it, but they wrongly accuse VCU. I have watched million VCU games and have never seen us hooking people. We barely box out sometimes. So I know it was ISU.

-That hooking leads to a critical rebound with Tobi in the final 2 mins. He gets his hand on the ball, but the hook gets him off balance and he only has one hand from the hook and he tabs the ball out to ISU player who hits wide open runner.

-Max played really good, but the final couple mins he had a bad turnover, missed the front end of a 1 and 1, and got a no call going to the rim. Boom game over.

We got beat bad on the glass and had a ton of turnovers, so we did enough to lose, but watching it back in real time, we still seemed like the better team in every facet. Up until the final min and 30 we were still up, they were missing shots, we were making them.

Despite all that I think the hooking on the rebounds was what decided the game. The refs either ignored it or called it on us
It's kind of nice to see our NET continue to climb despite not playing any games. Up to 72 now.
And that's why we only moved up 4 spots...something tells me the NET formula puts more weight on offensive efficiency than defensive efficiency. Our Torvik AdjDE for the Dayton game was 69.2 (which is extremely good), but our AdjOE was 87.0 (which is really poor) - our lowest in a win all season and our lowest period since that horrific Vanderbilt game.
I think there needs to be a "let them play" factor in Torvik. When neither team can shoot the ball effectively because both are allowed to play with extreme physicality. That is going to stifle offensive efficiency. That game was a perfect example of why in some games I wish they wouldn't "let them play" quite so much.