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This is kind of dumb since everyone's in the portal, but Torvik has already released his 2024-25 projections. I guess I'll go on and post the A10's, considering we have no transfer news (yet) and I seem to hate myself. I honestly have no idea what the reasoning is behind these numbers.

#9 Dayton
#71 Loyola Chicago
#75 VCU
#76 St. Joseph's
#94 George Mason
#98 Saint Louis
#124 Duquesne
#125 Rhode Island
#130 George Washington
#135 UMass
#148 Fordham
#150 Richmond
#190 Davidson
#193 La Salle
#302 St. Bonaventure
im all here for dayton being 9, but what am i missing? also in what world are we 75 right now😂 need a lot more pieces. loyola too low

The logo almost looks like a dinosaur


honestly don’t hate it as much as EVERYBODY else. kind of vintage early 2000s public television vibes. not sure that’s what they were going for tho haha
I saw that someone said it is the same company that branding the Washington logos when they became the Commanders.

What's funny is that it's a poorly kept secret that ole Danny Snyder did that as a last FU to the franchise when he knew he had to sell it.