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We can if we suit up
We can't even hold a practice right now. Ridiculous

We can't even hold a practice right now. Ridiculous
This is one reason why I would like to have seen us more active in the 2024 prep recruiting cycle. There were a substantial number of quality prospects not only available but very much doable in the early signing period. We were largely absent and now have to find a lot of players in the portal in a pretty short period of time. At this point in time a major part of the focus should be on 2025 preps. They are starting to come off the board fast in terms of narrowing lists, scheduling visits, and committing. It's likely we will still be trying to figure out 2024 well into the summer.

While it appears we got caught with our pants down to some extent I still have confidence this staff can carry the day. There are a lot of good prospects in the portal with more to come. We need to hit pay dirt to get this thing going. There is still an opportunity to put together a very good roster. Hopefully with the feeding frenzy currently taking place in the portal we can make some serious inroads on 2025 preps. November is not that far away.
Tarheels pick LaSalle and not VCU, Dayton, Loy. Scared. They ain't worried about selling tickets though.
With a logo like that I fully expect Mason to install a fog machine before the beginning of their season.
Along with hanging a mirror ball from the ceiling.

And I guarantee you they spent over $100K for someone to come up with this logo that looks like it came from some free online logo designer site.