Players Alphonzo Billups is a VCU Ram!

Armando Bacot and Henry Coleman III didn’t come to VCU. There have been others the last few years. But we’re probably never getting those kind of recruits.
Maybe on the never day never, but I’ll make some bets each time it comes up.
B-Roz wasnt super highly rated, Willie went to Gtown for a year and transferred back, and JPR basically arrived on campus to almost no fanfare after prepping for a year. Totally apples to oranges here.
With that said, I’ll take Broz and Burgess over everybody
The thing i love about tnis is that syracuse already had pegged fatts as ,"in the bag" 4 months ago. Syracuse insiiders werent even mentioning vcu as their stiffest competition!
Syracuse also just lost a similar recruit to decommitment this week.

6’8, 195 pound 4 star SF Kamari Lands. #33 recruit in the class, so almost 5 stars.

They may get him back, but they’ve got their work cut out for them.
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