Players Alphonzo Billups is a VCU Ram!

No doubt he's a freshman on paper. Two years in a college program of the magnitude of VCU, you'd think he'd be a little further along in the basic defensive principles, especially since his last coach (I hate to say it) is one of the best out there on the defensive side. But he's also a young man in today's environment of athletics, where the right now and the promise of tomorrow is all that matters. I hope he gets there as a Ram and sticks it out but I wouldn't be surprised if does hit that box. He'll certainly be called on more next year, heck can be one of the main options, but does he wanna go all in to get there? VCU needs the hometown hero and Fats is certainly that guy. Don't wanna sound like a hater, just have high expectations for him and don't like he settles on the heart side.
Right now Fats doesn't have the body to compete in the A-10. And he definitely doesn't have the body to compete at a P5 school. He needs to put on some weight and get stronger. He's 6'7" and 160 lbs. Belle is 6'7" and 215 lbs. Even Jason Nelson is 5'10" and 175 lbs. He just needs to "beef" up during the off season and improve his strength so he has the ability to play both solid offense and solid defense.
yeah, I was about to say look at Belle's body and look at Fat's body. End of discussion. A bigger stronger Fats will be a great asset to our team for years to come. He has everything else.
Certainly feels like he's the first person I'd think would transfer. He had some D1 offers but I take that more the Team Loaded Adidas connection than anything else. He just doesn't go hard enough and loses all focus. Its ashame cuz I know Ryan Odom would love to split him and Belle depending on the matchup (offense vs defense). I don't see him making a lateral transfer unless for a coach like Penny Hardaway that takes on kids that need more mental development than skill. Low major D1 more likely
I’d guess Tobi. Although, I think that’d be a bad move on his part.

Fats certainly has talent but putting it all together and beating out more mature players takes more than talent
Body, Heart/attitude, Skill, and your teammate competition all factor in to playing time. Any player wanting more PT can work on the first 3.
Both Rhoades (before the injury) and Odom have decided he’s not ready yet. I can’t see him playing for many major conference teams.
i think he needs to play to get experience. odom says they have talked about though and i still think he is in the long term plan
Body, Heart/attitude, Skill, and your teammate competition all factor in to playing time. Any player wanting more PT can work on the first 3.
I agree. I remember when Kevin Johnson was trying Mark Price. He count because as early as he was getting into the gym He said Price was doing more. Doesnt mean he didnt stop trying.

At the end of the day, it worked out as KJ became and All Star. He had to do it at Phoenix but he did it none the less. Moral to the story: If you wanna be the Man you gotta beat the Man, and you only do so with HARD WORK, perseverance, and a team first attitude.
Hopefully he sees to long game and doesn't let the "voices" inside and around him derail what could be a very good career at VCU. Lots of minutes coming open and you never know week to week even in a season.

Best of luck to him and to all our Rams tonight. This is a must win and that last game was close until right before half. Go Rams, JUST WIN !
Wait and see how the season plays out. I'm excited. Did not think we would be good this fast. My idea of a long term plan in the brave new world of today's easy transfer (NIL) as this year. Fats can transfer next year and in fact, can transfer 2,3, or 4 more times! Or stay with the Rams and win championships as a role/bench player.
People forget he got experience vs GW and the Bonnies and we started 0-2 in conference.
He also scored 23 in a win vs Penn State and 13 in a close game against Memphis. Fats has more potential than anyone on the team. I really hate seeing him on the bench. He's a great scorer and plays hard on every play. Can't say that for some of the guys getting the bulk of the minutes