Anyone going to the race this weekend?


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Feb 12, 2009
This will be my first ever NASCAR race...

Going with our class at VCU's Center for Sport Leadership ( Don't know exactly what to expect but I hear it's a pretty good time.

I'll be rooting for the car that promotes the best tasting snack OR the one with the most florescent colors. :)
sure, it can certainly be fun. i hope for your sake that your class is allowed to bring booze. i couldn't imagine being at a nascar race sober.

that, and people watching at RIR is just fantastic. mullets and jorts galore.
You'll have a blast Natty. Different but definitely worth the price of admission. I agree on the Alcohol being a must.
I'll be there doing the media thing. I just realized I don't have your # natty. shoot it to me in a PM.
I'll be there in the infield yelling at john and his media friends... they always cause the most trouble...
BOOMShakalaka said:
I'll be there in the infield yelling at john and his media friends... they always cause the most trouble...

Yelling is pretty much the extent of what will happen though :-P. This year I'm shooting for RIR and Henrico Police/Fire/EMS so I've got a much longer leash than in years past.

Friday morning I'll be focusing on getting some safe stock shots of the public safety officials in action, head over to make sure I cover the the 9/11 ceremony on Friday evening, and then the race Friday night. Saturday morning I'll do a little more public safety shooting, then it's off to the concert and race.

Last time I checked I have the same access as last time (hot/colt pit, garage, media center, media suite, roof access, victory lane, etc), The only difference is this year I'll have access to the infield care center & infield ambulances (could be a GREAT spot to shoot from) :) I may have also talked my way in to a kart. If that happens...hide.
My love for NASCAR died when the Spam car (Lake Speed....2nd best name ever) went away and when Dick Trickle (BEST name ever) retired.

I figure the people-watching-potential will be superb
Half-baked Mcbride said:
I figure the people-watching-potential will be superb

It's like watching Darwin at work.
haha, I saw Ramtastic and Ram it home holding rick back from punching babies during a game of cards on Saturday... I left when something came up about ram it home and his cornhole...
I gotta say...I gave NASCAR a shot, and it just wasn't for me.

The tailgating were top notch, and the people watching was second to none....but that scene Saturday...just not for old Mat.