Autograph Session


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Apr 19, 2009
I am sure it is a pain for the players, but the fans love it. Just some random thoughts.

I saw an older couple getting a seat cushion signed by the players - it was a Bama cushion...they were bringing it to Grant...hehehehhe..

The players were terrific - I was impressed with I. Grayson - good kid, very respectful, and loves being a Ram.

Kirill thought I was crazy - but gave him props and he still seems a bit shy. The players were complaining he was signing too slow...

Nixon was still fired up about the fouls but has an awesome attitude.

I got a chance to talk with Terrance and I found him to be very polite and I enjoyed our conversation. He told me about his wrist and he said how glad he was back with the Rams.

Larry was all Pro - he was very kind to everyone - took lots of time with folks. Told me he was ready to go back to work on Tuesday.

TJ was so cool. I told him we love his intensity and he laughed...

Joey - was late coming out because of interviews - he was kind enough to sign the program for my daughter and I told him that Joey "is her favorite!" Joey was very considerate and you could tell he was the crowd favorite.

Thanks to all of the players - it was fun!!!

I was going to start this exact thread when I had a chance, but my lazy football watching self was hoping that someone else would do it for me. I brought my 11 year old cousin with me to the game and he was able to see all of the guys and get autographs. I enjoyed it as well, but this type of thing means the world to kids. We were in the back of the line so I saw nearly every one go through and the players were great with all of them. The majority of them were outside ready to sign about 10-15 min after the game after a debriefing from the coaching staff I assume, and the others were out right after the press conference. They didn't even have a chance to change clothes but they all signed for about an hour and were very friendly. It was cool to see them off of the court and interacting with the fans, they might make mistakes from time to time, but there are no bad kids on this team. The staff did a great job of keeping everything organized as well. Thanks guys!