BCS Without the C


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Mar 27, 2009
http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/n ... &type=lgns

The BS is getting grilled in Congress! Awesome!!

Barton, the top Republican on the committee, said at the hearing that efforts to tinker with the BCS were bound to fail.

“It’s like communism,” he said. “You can’t fix it.”

He quipped that the BCS should drop the “C” from its name because it doesn’t represent a true championship.
So glad someone is holding these guys to the fire. I BELIEVE these 6 power conferences would be forced into some form of revenue sharing with the other divisions as I believe college basketball does...so it's no wonder those conferences want to keep the "middleman" out of the the picture (oddly enough in this case...the NCAA).

There will be a playoff in college football in the near future. Bank on it.

Thanks Congress!
I like controversy so I had no problem with the 3/4 bowls getting the best teams and after results declare an NC. But when they profit share against everyone else, well then. :twisted:

So sometimes we had split champions, i.e. UPI, AP. It was more fair than what the B -C S is.
Ahh, occasionally the sun does shine.

It's nice to hear some talk in the open about it. Ever since I noticed that Dick Vitale is such a strong supporter of the mid-majors and "lesser" programs, I've developed a strong liking for that fellow.

I realize I've taken the football discussion in congress and switched it to basketball, where we already have a playoff system, which admits us, but the at-large process still discriminates against us. It would be so nice to have a shot at these local kids. I live for the day we regularly "steal" guys away from UNC. It could happen in my lifetime. (I'm 56.)