Blaine Taylor a practicing alcoholic?


Apr 20, 2009
From ODU fans on the Zone boards:

Doker44 said:
Razor is right on with his post! Yea because ODU would get some crappy coach....Taylor is the Andy Reid of the CAA...wins alot of worthless games! To be honest if many of you knew alot about Taylor you would be furious.

monarch said:
good point.

Hassell4Prez said:
Can anyone elaborate?

Doker44 said:
Lets just put it this way....You don't ever have to worry about Taylor leaving for a bigger program! Every time I hear that me and my buddies just laugh our ass off. Its just a ploy for Taylor to make more money and make us think we have something special in him. Why ODU falls for this I have no idea.

To be honest I dont know how some of this has been kept so quiet.

theolddirtymonarch said:
could you let me in on the "secrets" everyone on these boards seem to know about you. There not referring to your fondness for an ocassional cocktail-infused karaoke session at the new belmont are they?

EverRespect said:
I have also heard someone say they've seen BT boozing at the New Belmont (during the basketball season last year). We know BT has a DUI. I am not one for crucifying someone for a DUI. People make mistakes (I got one in my younger years myself) and deserve a second chance. If the man goes out for a drink and keeps it moderate, I don't have any issues; however, if the man has a problem and it is known that he frequents New Belmont often, getting wasted and singing kareoke, you need to speak up. This team will never live up to its potential if the coach is a practicing alcoholic. Again, I don't know this to be the case, but enough with the subtle hints. If you know something, spit it out.

HMMMMMMMMMM..... WHERE THERE'S THIS MUCH SMOKE, THERE MUST BE FIRE! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Karaoke? That would be friggin' hysterical.

Are they sure it's not Pav? He sings.
Nuclear meltdown by the odu fans…typical
Nothing like calling your coach a drunk
It's kinda hard not to enjoy it a little

I think they do have a point on Taylor....there reaches a point of diminishing returns with ALL coaches (from Sonnt Smith to Bobby Bowden)....I think the VCU blueprint is the way to go. Young, Hungry coaches looking to prove themselves who can also relate to players (very important)....that trumps mediocrity and a stable coaching situation all the time
With the exception of VCU and UNCW, all the other schools seem to have stable coaching situations unless the school wants to change it ala JMU and Delaware. In other words, the coaches don't seem to have a strong interest in moving. Plus UNCW coaching change was due to the function of the school rather than the coach.

I am kind of surprised Bruiser, Pecora, Coach L, and Blaine haven't tried to move after they have made runs. Perhaps they aren't getting the move up they want. Well, I can sort of see Coach L....getting up in years, a decent situation at GMU...not a powerhouse but decent recruiting and usually a top 4 team or so.

But then again, I'm not sure about the coaching movement in other mids at our level. Perhaps it is similar.

The good thing about a program not having a coaching change (if the coach is decent like Blaine) is that you know what you have, what you can expect (what you can't), and will most likely be a perennial top half team....but you may not have the growth everyone really wants.

With programs like VCU - we get a great coach but our program becomes a stepping stone. Sometimes that can make recruiting difficult but you do have the possibility of being a very strong program. But you can also be one coach away from getting a Sherm (Sherman Dillard) and a decades worth of sitting at the bottom of the conference.

Darn, life as a mid-major is tough! I need a drink :lol: :lol:
BradRamFan said:
Darn, life as a mid-major is tough! I need a drink :lol: :lol:

If you hurry you can make happy hour at the New Belmont. Warm up your singing voice on the way.
I was gonna say, its not always a great thing to be a stepping stone. You guys have had alot of success lately, sure.....but ODU hasn't finished out of 4th in the last 6 years, so I guess there is something to be said for that. I'd still gladly trade that for a win over Duke, but what can you do.

As for the whole drinking thing, I think that is just stupid to bring up, I never said anything about it and I wish others wouldn't unless they have some real proof. And even if so, its not illegal to drink as long as he didn't drive himself home (and yes, he did it once, but there is no proof he is going it now so don't bother).
.....but ODU hasn't finished out of 4th in the last 6 years,

That would be unacceptable in the CAA...there are not 4 good teams in this league most years
Yeah, you are totally right, two 2nd's, a 4th, a 3rd and a 1st in the last 5 years is totally mediocre.

And VCU finishing in 6th the year GMU went to the Final 4 was amazingly not mediocre. :roll:
Half-baked Mcbride said:
"Mediocrity is excellent to the eyes of mediocre people”


Oh, I'm keeping this one. I want to use it in the next "should we change conference" thread and someone says they are happy right where we are, in a perennial middle of the pack conference. Woot!
My friend was having dinner at the New Belmont and saw Blaine there, got a picture taken with him.

His drink of choice that evening was a rum and coke.