Bleacher Report: Who's the best of mid-major basketball?


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Apr 19, 2009
Great article outlining the mid-major scene and a nice outlook on the CAA as well. They have a vote on who the top mid-major conference is this year, make sure to vote CAA! :)

When you think of the Colonial Athletic Association, you think of the Cinderella George Mason team that made its magical journey to the 2006 Final Four or the clutch shot that Eric Maynor swished to defeat Duke in 2007.

Both the Patriots and the Rams of Virginia Commonwealth appear in discussions about the CAA crown, but Old Dominion and Northeastern look to dethrone the league's royalty.

George Mason is the least likely of the four to construct a tournament-worthy resume due to heavy dependence on freshmen. However, the Patriots' youth is definitely talented and, if it molds with the mature Patriots early, Jim Larranaga could be headed to another NCAA Tournament.

The reigning champs are Eric Maynor-less, but that is not a viable reason to expect them to watch the tournament from their couches. Larry Sanders is a First Team All-Conference member and Joey Rodriguez tore up his transfer papers to return to VCU.

If you put those two on a court together, you'd have a solid chance of winning. If you have those two plus Bradford Burgess, Brandon Rozell, transfer Jay Gavin, and highly-rated freshman Darius Theus, you can be a force in any mid-major conference.
Good article...gotta like our chances even if we aren't the preseason favorite. We have a as a good a shot as anyone at the top. That article really does reflect how much we have on the team coming back...and they didn't even remember to mention Jamie Skeen. :D
Polls like this one are meaningless unless you are not allowed to vote for your own team or conference. The current arrangement is nothing more than bragging rights. Fun to do, but not reliable.
What's great is we are gonna get thrown right into the mix with games vs. OU, Nevada, and Rhode Island. These should have us ready come conference time and the Black and Blue Whatev the F its called.

We gotta watch out for trap games like W&M and Hampton on the road. We need a good road crowd for both of these. I still remember Hampton 2 years ago (18 pts. first half :? yikes).