Blue Hen Brian Johnson out for season

TOUGH break (or tear) for the Delaware...Very underrated player in the CAA

He averaged 10.0 points and 5.0 assists per game last year, 9.5 ppg and 5.1 apg as a sophomore and 9.6 ppg and 4.1 apg as a freshman.

That's gotta make Monte Ross just wanna spit. Loses his senior point guard who was dropping double digit points and 5 assists a night... Gonna be a VERY tough year for them in the CAA with so many quality players returning for everyone else.
Very upsetting to hear that, although it seems like that guys been there for 8 years.
Out of returning players he led all CAA players in Assists per game.

That's the 3rd big blow for UD in a month between Saddler hitting prep school for a year, UD never hosting a home game again for football and losing johnson for the year, ugh. Sucks to be a blue hen.
That is a tough break. He's a good one.