Bones Hyland - NBA Thread

Tuned it bc of this, and can't do much of anything else anyway, recooping from a wicked cold or whatever it is/was.. will reply when/if I see him enter the game.

I guess 0 points and 2 assists is definitely a part.
Lead PG coming in when Clips were down 15, tipping off a 16-0 unanswered run to put Clippers up by one against one of the best teams in the NBA right now 1st in the western conference. Id say his presence definitely didn't hurt.
An offensive foul he drew on Golbert right when he was dunking, was especially demeaning. :lol: Some things are so beautiful.
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I guess 0 points and 2 assists is definitely a part.
Pretty much yes.

He had the 3rd best plus/minus on team yesterday.

+11. 4 of 5 of the starters had double digit negative plus/minus. Paul George posted +2.

The guy is just taking what he is given and if he’s on the floor and they win, yes he is defineatly a part of their win and success. Team.
Bones comes in, sinks a 3 within seconds, taken out, back in 3 seconds later (???), sinks a fast break layup.

Fastest 5 points I've ever seen.

Defense looks nice, too.
Game tonight at Rockets, 8pm, if I'm not mistaken game is on espn. I think it's OK to message-and-tell, relaying that Bones is working on getting his groove back, I hope fellow Ram fans will tune in a support our guy tonight. Kat and I and a couple of others we chatted with today about this, understand the true impacts of coaching moves on core decisions are destined to take time away from young flourishing players development. If there's one narrative you can legit bank on, it's this.

Grizzlies @Philly at 730pm as well.
BIG wins for both Bones and The Clippers, and Vince and The Grizzlies. Both were big time comeback wins, down a lot most of the game but went on runs to take the games over. Both tightened in score right at the end but both kept their leads, both were about 5+pt wins. I think Bones had 6 pts. VInce had 17.