Brandenberg to play in Ohio-Kentucky All-Star Game


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Apr 19, 2009
Rob will be representing the state of Ohio in the annual Ohio-Kentucky All-Star game at Thomas More College in Crestview Hills, Ky. Tipoff is scheduled for 7:30 on Saturday.

Other D1 players representing Ohio in the game are Aaron Craft (Ohio State), Jordan Sibert (Ohio State), Cameron Wright (Pitt), Ralph Hill (Dayton), Griffin McKenzie (Xavier), Nick Kellogg (Ohio), Mark Henniger (Kent State), Josh Egner (Akron), and Kevin Gray (Morehead State).

Congrats to Rob on the honor!
It would be nice if there was such thing as a VA v/s NC All star game. The state of Virginia produces equal if not higher caliber of athletes as North Carolina.
Rob scored 11 points in the all star game. His team (ohio) won 92-84. he was the 2nd leading scorer for Ohio. the top scorer for Ohio who is going to Ohio state, had 17. the box score I saw only had points, no other stats. Not bad for a game against quality opposition !
What's more impressive is that Rob scored those 11 points in only 13 minutes of play in addition to a couple of nice assists as well. Granted it's an all-star game, but nice to see him do well regardless.

Here's how he stacked up against the rest of the field:


Jordan Sibert 17 (Ohio State)
Rob Brandenburg 11 (VCU)
Ralph Hill 10 (Dayton)
Kevin Gray 9 (Morehead St.)
Mark Henninger 8 (Kent State)
Griffin McKenzie 8 (Xavier)
Cory Veldhuizen 8 (Malone-D2)
Aaron Craft 6 (Ohio State)
Nick Kellogg 6 (Ohio)
Josh Egner 3 (Akron)
Hank Leslie 2 (undecided)
Trae Broadnax 2 (undecided)
Cameron Wright 2.(Pitt)

Not bad at all.