CAA program other than VCU that you tend to pull for?

Nov 14, 2009
Nothing makes me happier than a blowout win by VCU, but after reading several articles following yesterday's game, I found myself guilty of almost feeling a little sorry for the UNCW team and their fans. Had we beaten ODU, JMU or GMU by 34 points I would have felt no sorrow, period. I tend to look at Wilmington as a solid program that has represented the conference well over the years, and their alumni have always been very respectful and courteous by my observations. I made some trips down to UNCW over the years and they really do seem like good people. I tend to root for the Seahawks when they aren't playing VCU. Is there a team other than the Rams in the CAA that you tend to pull for more than others? Just curious.
Right now WM...I pull for who ever will help us in the end. Otherwise I'd like to crush everyone by 30.
Teams I pull for:

UNCW - A once proud tradition but not right now. The school/AD screwed up by losing waingright and then certainly brownell. And I just don't see Moss getting it done after 4 years.

JMU - A decade of shoveling sh!t in the basement. First the Sherminator and then Keener (who took over a demolished program and did a few good things but not enough). And then injuries this year....but lets see if a former Marist coach and get it done

Towson - Just because I would like to see this team get somewhere. I remember some of their 2+ win seasons several years ago. Takes a lot of those teams to keep trying each and every game....and I think they actually did make an effort.

Drexel - of all the AE teams that joined the CAA, I think they had/have the greatest potential. Would like to see them do better.

Teams I don't pull for:

GSU - just really don't care too much about them
DE - Their concern is football, not basketball
Hofstra - They seem to always talk about leaving the CAA. Ok, bye.
W&M - Yes they pulled off some great upsets this year and are the pride of the CAA at this time. But to me they strive for middle of the pack destination/mediocrity using their imaginary academic superiority as an excuse.
GMU - They like to think we are their rivals. I just really don't care too much about them to be honest. Yes, they have been and still are a top tier CAA team but I just don't care unless we are playing them or they are playing someone whose record will effect us.
NE - Every time I think of NE I think of the last second shot by Rolando. How could I ever route for

Teams I want to lose (unless a win will benefit us):

ODU - Because Blaine makes me laugh (as does Pav). Their fans make me laugh with many of their insane comments - was it Heywood who said the Spaminator would dominate the CAA??? Their players are rarely as good as their fans make them out to be....see my previous comments. They actually have top tier teams every year....just not as good as us...and it should stay that way. A 10 game VCU win streak - oh that was so fun! And mostly because they have been our rival since 1979-80 and the sunbelt years.
VCU4LIFE said:
WTF is this??? NONE OF THEM!!!!!

Ok, maybe whoever is playing ODU???


sure, intellectually I can see a silver lining when another CAA team wins out-of-conference since in theory it helps us... and if/when it happens in the NCAA tourny it's compounded because it means more money for our program... but remember, every silver lining has a cloud
Oh sure, OOC and Postseason don't apply to my statement, but why the heck would you ever root for another CAA school during league play???
only if helps VCU...right now I am rooting against any 2-0 teams
I won't root for any of them ever unless they are playing ODU or it helps us get the #1 seed or something.

Not in the postseason either not never.

When another CAA team goes to the post season I'm pissed of that it aint us so I hope they lose.

If you ain't with us you against us
Ramdog said:
only if helps VCU...right now I am rooting against any 2-0 teams
I am with Ramdog. Who ever needs to lose for VCU to move up the ladder. Of course there are some teams that I like more than others, but I don't want to use up all of my mojo rooting for them when VCU needs me.
I root for WM except when they play VCU. My son went to undergraduate there before law school at UVA. VCU moves up the ladder by winning.
In conference, whichever team winning helps VCU in the standings the most, then that is who I pull for.

Out-of-conference, I pull for all the CAA teams.

The teams I like the most would be the core CAA teams. I like ODU, but their fans make it difficult at times.
None - I don't do the whole "it makes our conference better if CAA teams win" thing.

As a mid-major, you control your fate with a auto-bid, none of that at-large business.
ShoeSh1ne said:
None - I don't do the whole "it makes our conference better if CAA teams win" thing.

As a mid-major, you control your fate with a auto-bid, none of that at-large business.

Sorry, ShoeShine, I disagree. Winning out-of-conference games has little to do with post-season bids. It has to do with respect. The more of these games that CAA teams win (against solid programs), the more others will respect us. I am not sure how many mid-major teams play, but I would rather be rated number 1 among mid-majors than last place. To become #1 it seems to me CAA teams must beat teams from major conferences, such as ACC, Big Ten, etc.