CAA Tourney 5k

Sep 2, 2009
Hey all, I know you've seen me try to recruit for this on the zone, but right now I'm in a position where I need 1-2 people (preferably a pair who could work together on this) to be my Richmond area point man for this event. We had some volunteers from the area, but they backed out and I really need someone local to assist. We are really close to where we need to be to make this actually happen and it could be the beginning of an annual charitable event that you could be really proud you helped with, not to mention throw it on the resume or whatever.

Currently volunteers from Philly, Boston, Seattle and Columbia, SC are helping with the paper side and planning the event. But all of us are on hold until we can get a couple of people with boots on the ground in Richmond to assist. If you have interest in helping us out, please contact me at [email protected].

Thank you,