Cady Lalane

we got to sign this kid, his name is awesome. so many marketing ideas!
not ur fault chill as u just copied his name but i think in looking for info it is lalanne.

sounds promising in what i found 6 8 pf prospect with skill. im down for that.
Looks like he plays on Saintil's AAU team
Looks like he's playing his way out of the mid-major zone: ... id=4336011

Surprise performer
Lalane is a prototypical 4-man for the high-major level. He has great length and bounce, and a very high ceiling. Although he is a power forward, he slides his feet very well and has very quick reactions on the perimeter. He has a smooth stroke out to the elbow, but his post game needs polishing. He can drop-step and elevate but his lack of strength is evident. In addition, he has solid perimeter skills and advances the ball very well in transition, demonstrating his savvy for this game. He plays physical at both ends and is a solid post defender, to boot. It would be a surprise if he doesn't end up playing at the highest level of college basketball.

The best of the traveling teams during the four national tournaments that were played in Las Vegas Wednesday-Friday were in order: I-5 Elite of Portland Ore., which won the Vision Sports/Center Stage championship; Memphis Magic, which won the 17-under division of the adidas Super 64; Team Detroit, champion of the open division of the Reebok; and New England Playaz, which lost to Memphis.

The best players - though not necessarily the 10 best prospects - were: guards Joe Jackson (Memphis Magic), Ray McCallum (Team Detroit), Josh Selby (Baltimore Assault), Trae Golden (Atlanta Celtics) and Wayne Blackshear (Mac Irvin Fire), forwards Terrence Jones (I-5 Elite), Josh Hairston (DC Assault), Cady Lalane (Florida Rams) and centers Josh Smith (Seattle Rotary Select) and Perry Jones (LBA Seawolves).
Let's cross our fingers that the correct spelling is Lalanne ... then we can cling to hope that this "long and athletic" hoopster is blood kin to the legendary Jack Lalanne, the "Godfather of Fitness."

I'm guessing that - even at 94 years old - Jack remains buff. ... id=4429938 states he is highly interested in Miami and only med interest in us. Miami is the only school he is highly interested in. But doesn't say they have offered. In the past years when list a school as high interest for a player he usually commits to them shortly after. So our chances don't look that good.

But Kadeem Green and other 3-star PF are still out there and as the BCS schools gobble up the 4 and 5-star players are chances get better at landing a quality big man.
of the six guys listed in the bottom of the article VCU's name appears in the list of three of the players. Very exciting! Even more so when John posts on the front of Ramnation that we have added one to the VCU family.
Makes me think of "Nuke" LaLouche- the lanky-wild fast-baller for the Durham Bulls, who threw to the hard-hitting catcher Crash Davis, in the late 80's. Remember him. Something about breathing out of your left eye-lid, and wearing garter belts on the mound. :ugeek:
Two of the sleepers(Big Men) to emerge this summer are Cady Lalane, as mentioned, and Johnathan Graham out of Baltimore, Md.

The Rams are involved with both!
getSmart said:
Even more so when John posts on the front of Ramnation that we have added one to the VCU family.

I could be wrong but I think the ""added one" was for Grayson, not one of the bigs.
I was just refering to how John and the Ramnation guys posts articles on players we sign, i.e. the threads for Theus, Daniels and Grayson, before anyone else. Not to mention the articles they have provided about the new signees are well written and accurate.

Yes, a pat on the back to the Ramnation guys :!: I am anxiously awaiting to hear that he have signed a highly touted recruit for 2010-11 class. I am sure we will hear about it on this site first.