Carlos Zambrano as a reliever

May 22, 2009
Hey I'm a huge Cubs fan and I was shocked and pissed when I saw that Zambrano was demoted from starter to the bullpen. Can anyone make sense of it for me? I mean if Lou is tired of Carlos's attitude and his approach to pitching shouldn't he suggest that Carlos be traded. They're paying him 18 million this year, as a reliver. :oops:

Seriously the Yankees and Brian Cashman were willing to give one of their balls to the Cubs for Zambrano a year ago. Sending him to the pen is unthinkable.
dumb move. zambrano has certainly had stretches of inconsistency, but the fact remains that he has had an ERA of less than 4 every season since he was a rookie. there aren't many pitchers in all of baseball with 8 straight sub-4 ERA seasons to go along with great WHIPS and win-loss records. there aren't many at all.

the cubbies desperately need arms in the bullpen, but i just don't see how this is the solution.
why not try and trade Soriano for a legit bullpen guy and then insert Colvin fulltime. Colvin and Castro look great and are the future of the team. Pinella likes playing verterans but a team full of vets is boring. Vets don't hustle as much because they are afraid of injury, they're established (not fighting for a roster spot), and they are wealthy.

Move Castro to 2nd and get rid of Baker and Colvin to LF getting rid of Soriano.
soriano is untradeable. he, along with vernon wells, have pretty much the worst contracts in all of sports. not that he's a bad player, because he isn't, but nobody will want to pay the man 17 or 18 mil per season over the next 5 years. he's gonna be making bank through his late 30's, and he's already declining. the cubs would have to eat many millions to get a trade partner, and even then i bet nobody bites. so it probably isn't even worth it.
darn Cubs. They break my heart every year. Yet I can't stop cheering for them. I try not to watch the games and care too much but every year I get suckered right back in. I have been to Chicago several times to watch a weekend series. It's a great city in the summer. I usually stay at the Westin Hotel. The opposing teams usually stays there too. That way I get to meet some players.

But it seems like the Cubs are heading down the Yankees path of trying to buy championships with big name players. The only problem is that the Cubs pay top dollar for has been big named players and have very little youth. Same thing the Redskins and Dan Snyder have been doing for the last decade or so. Pitifull.
yep, as an orioles fan i feel yer pain.

i live about 2 miles from wrigley on the north side and plan on going to a bunch of games this year. i'm hoping that wrigley, the awesome chicago summer, and plenty of old style beer will help me cope with how awful the o's are.
Old Style makes everything better...I wasn't in Chi-town long enough to go to Wrigley, but it's a city I'd definately like to go back to.

Z to the 'pen seems like a horrible move...I think Lou is really gonna regret it in the long run. I'd be more pissed from a Fantasy perspective, but our league also counts Holds....and an SP/RP Hold sguy can be very valuable.