Coach Smart on ESPNU This Afternoon

too bad Comcast doesn't have ESPNU yet :( Hopefully somebody can give us a rundown
he represented us well. had a VCU black/grey basketball pullover on. Shaka was in the middle between pastner and fox. Pastner talked a LOT. Shaka probably got the 2nd most words in. Talked about Kirill and Jamie helping Larry out inside and that will be our game plan. he talked about the differences between being an assistant and being a head coach. talked about getting to work the guys out in april and how he enjoyed that. said we have to replace the best player in vcu basketball history and that our goal is championships, nothing less. High expectations. Good conference. Not a whole lot of substance. andy katz did the interviewing. talked a little about following 2 guys that had a lot of success in capel and grant.