Coaching Hoopla!


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Feb 9, 2009
Looks like the zone is down and right amidst this crazy coaching hoopla. Anyone around these parts?
Thanks Merc. Looks like it might just be us. More people should know this board exist for just such occasions!
Yeah, I came to terms that Grant was leaving a couple days ago. Atleast its to UF his dream job. I wonder who we will bring in, not sold on Larry Shaytt
Yeah, I am totally cool with Grant to UF. I'm not that sold on Shyatt either. What was the deal with Steve Robinson of UNC, he was interviewed a couple years ago before Grant. Haven't really heard his name at all. I am under the impression that Pujol goes with Grant or to Appy St. Who else is there in terms of quality coaches that like our style of ball and can keep the kids we have/coming in? Ha...
It's a done deal guys, nothing official, but lets not kid ourselves.

Meh, oh well. It'll be nice to clear the bandwagon off for a year.
A bunch of us are hanging out in an AIM chatroom.

Give me your screen names and we'll invite.
the names people have mentioned have seemed awfully underwhelming to me so far... but I can't exactly think of better realistic alternatives myself
Timing of this crap is incredible.. I guess to many folks on at once.