Colin Cowherd: Utah and Colorado to PAC 10

I guess the dominos are starting to fall then. I can't imagine that anything happens until at least 2011 though.
I kind of like the approach ... on-candid/ takes.

What if the SEC were to kick the Big 12 in the jimmies, and take Texas and Texas A&M (or worse Oklahoma), making the SEC the undisputed top football conference, ever.

This forces the Big "12" to add Utah (or BYU) and TCU. This leaves Colorado/UNLV/Boise St/BYU (or Utah) for the "Pac" 10.

East coast realignment would be easier to figure out if we knew Notre Dame would join the Big '10.' Otherwise the Big '10' raids the Big East, causing the potential Big East/ACC/A10 (and down the line CAA/SoCon) explosions.
This is going to be REALLY interesting to watch as it unfolds. I'd imagine that the Big East & Big 12 will undoubtedly suffer the most when the dust clears causing schools like Louisville, Cincy, & Memphis to wonder what they should do.

Basketball wise, we could see the emergence of a SUPER "mid major" conference (Heck, maybe even 2) comprising teams of the Big East, A10, Conference USA, and even the CAA.

However this all depends on if the Big 10 goes big, i.e. expanding to 16 teams.