Corey Wright Jr. & Donte Williams


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Apr 20, 2009
Corey Wright Jr. ... 13984.html

The Top 75 event also featured other Rhode Islanders who are on the radar screens of some colleges. Corey Wright Jr. has heard from Virginia Commonwealth and Niagara. ... son%3d2010

April, 2009: Wright has good, but not elite quickness that he uses to get into the lane. He has to become a much better finisher when he gets inside in order to take advantage of his penetration skills. He does a good job of changing speeds off the dribble and keeping defenders off balance. He needs to work on making better decisions with the ball as well as alleviate his tendency to leave his feet for passes with nowhere to go. This lefty likes going to his left and will have to continue to improve on his ability of breaking down defenders using his right hand. Wright will connect on the occasional 3-point shot, but he needs to continue to improve his accuracy. He does a solid job of playing on-ball pressure defense.

Donte Williams (subscription needed)

Donte Williams played with more skill and intensity than we’ve seen him exhibit. Good day for the 2010 insider.

Donte Williams said Auburn, Georgia State, Arkansas State, Georgia and VCU have offered. Miami is looking. ... son%3d2010

May, 2009: Williams is a long, thin, athletic power forward that plays with energy. He is a tough competitor that gets after it on the boards and gives his team extra possessions with his ability to offensive rebound. He is a tough competitor that will mix it up down low. His shooting ability is best at close range as he scores most of his points on put backs, dump-offs and in transition. Because of his lateral quickness defensively, he showed he can guard 3 positions from the small forward to the center positions. With some concentration on some perimeter skill development and some time in the weight room Williams could surpass this projection.
He was excellent in the morning game on Tuesday. The second game was just good, not great.

Donte Williams (2010, 6-8 PF)
One of the best performances of the day came in the morning session as Donte Williams made a ton of plays. He moves very well and can attack off the bounce. He hit several runners in the lane, including one that resulted in an old fashioned three point play. He has great length and that allows him to work in traffic. Donte hit a deep turnaround jumper from the outside. He's quite athletic and displayed that aspect of his game on a follow up dunk as well as when blocking a shot. He scored on another putback and rebounded very well on the defensive end too. Donte has a mix of mid and high major programs tracking him, including Georgia State. His performance at this camp will likely bring in even more suitors.
can we stop with all the pg recruit posts. is it possible these were people smart contacted before grayson came to us late this year and that is not looking into them anymore since it just happened recently? we need bigs...lots of 4's and 5's to be recruited this year. the only reason to recruit a guard is if someone is leaving and as i have said before i do think one of our rising juniors will leave to play elsewhere as a senior depending on how roles and minutes break down.
quick let me type in all caps cause i cant just make a point using regular font. like i am the only person who has said we dont need to recruit guards and we need bigs. i also notice you didnt bother to answer the question of whether these were past contacts or are contacts that are being kept up even after grayson came. guess you just rather nancy and moan...hopefully it made you feel better.
to stop recruiting pg's and to stop posting about pg recruits is a completely different thing. If it says "has been offered by VCU" under a players name, I'd like to know about it. Not sure why you are getting bent out of shape.
JacksonWard31 said:
Wait for the Jesus like players

Sorry he already committed to Big state
Our current roster consists of a freshman pg (Grayson), a combo guard who may or may not be a pg on this level (Theus) and a junior pg who hasn't played the position on a full time basis since high school and who had some shaky moments backing up Maynor (JRod).

Obviously bigs should be the top priority but lets not pretend we're set at pg. With two freshman and JRod I still believe our pg position is a question mark. So it sounds like Coach Smart's staff is casting a wide net and continuing to recruit the best players they have a realistic shot at signing regardless of position. We have a staff that seems to be young and aggressive, so as long as we're not recruiting perimeter players at the expense of recruiting the bigs what's the problem?

Regarding whether this is previous contact or current contact, who knows? These are recent articles so you assume quotes from the recruits are about current contacts. Are you advocating that we only post recruiting articles about bigs?

By the way, another article mentioning a recruit (Aaron Cosby) we're in contact with (warning...he's not a big): ... ight+again

Cosby originally committed to Massachusetts but opened up his recruitment when coach Travis Ford left for Oklahoma State.

Ford has stayed in contact, and Cosby said he also has interest from the University of Kentucky and Louisville. UofL coach Rick Pitino watched him in a game in the Cincinnati event.

Cosby turned in a huge effort at the Indiana University elite camp in June, and he said IU coach Tom Crean told him "he would be following me around this summer."

Coaches at Pittsburgh, Ohio, Alabama, Virginia Commonwealth and Dayton are also showing a lot of interest in Cosby. ... 41&sport=2
i would agree there is still some question mark as to the lock down nature of the one but i would also argue that when you are going to lose Kirill, TJ and after this past week with the Lebron showing, creating hype that will probably as if not more important that season performance, Larry the only big that would be left would be Skeen for 1 year. I am not now or have i ever been sold on Joey at the point and im not nearly as big on Ed as many people in here, but as was said in another post if scholies are first come first serve there is a big danger in all these scholies that may or may not be offered out to pg's especially ones under 6 ft.

As for my comment on pg posts it was not a statement directed at you mistachill as i appreciate you finding all this information it was more a frustration with the disparity that appears in the number of guards we are connected to saying they have been offered vs the number of bigs. So my intention was never to tell you what to post but a wish that we had more articles that the staff was heavily involved with some more big players.

Personally i wish that our recruiting classes were more of a mixture of big and small and if we are talking 3-4 scholarships next year then 2-1, 3-1 split is fine by me, but if we lose all three bigs and only end up with one recruit this place will be just as frustrated as it was a couple months ago with where our pg situation for this coming year was at.
mwalvlior - I understand and I kinda scratch my head too when our name is associated with so many perimeter players. But also keep in mind that there are fewer big men to recruit off the top, especially when you consider how quickly the high majors jump on these guys if they display any potential. So in theory you would expect our name to show up less often with the bigs. I'm hoping the recruiting situation is volume with the small guys and more targeted with the bigs.

But I'm with you and the others, bigs have to be the priority.
Also, in regards to the scholarship process, it's not exactly a "first-come, first-served" process. You can make offers to as many guys as you'd like, but you don't have to accept commitments from every guy you offer. That's part of the reason why schools can offer so many more guys than they have scholarships available.

If Shaka and his staff want to hold all their available scholarships for bigs, they can still offer the top 50 PGs and top 50 SGs and wait to see how everything shakes out; if a guard wants to sign and is too good to pass up, they'll take him. Mid-majors usually have to wait for the high-majors to finish picking through the best of the proven bigs anyhow. ... 5768.shtml

Not looking good.

Williams received little interest from Georgia prior to Fox's arrival, but following the change in coaching staff and a number of solid performances on the AAU summer circuit, the interest picked up from the home-state Bulldogs, and an offer to the talented big man subsequently followed. That offer now has the versatile forward taking a hard look at the Dogs.

"I feel pretty strong about Georgia. It's one of my top schools," Williams said. "It's close to home so family can watch me play, so they don't have to drive far to watch me play because it's right in my backyard."

Along with Georgia, Williams says he is looking at six other schools - Auburn, Tennessee, Virginia Commonwealth, Temple, Alabama-Birmingham and Tulane.

All schools will have to wait a little bit longer to find out where Williams plans to suit up, though, as he says he won't announce until right before the beginning of his high school season in mid-November.

One thing that may work in Georgia's favor with Williams is that he received the opportunity this summer to work out with Georgia's star sophomore power forward, Trey Thompkins, whom Williams said he could envision playing alongside.

"I worked out with Trey Thompkins a couple times, which was real cool," Williams said. "You know, he's strong, just a good overall player and can shoot the ball and post up. I like his game a lot, and I could definitely see myself playing with him."