Crashing the Dance

wow, that is a great site. I like the chance of crashing the dance at 93.7%
According to this...there would be 8 mid major schools getting at large bids...last year there were 4 mid major at large bids. the year before there were 6...last year was the lowest # of at large bids for mid major schools essentially makes the bracket buster irrelevent. The one saving grace is that the PAC 10 is atrocious this year...they will only get an auto bid...NO at large bids for Pac 10 barring a miracle run by one of their teams...they usually get 4-5 teams in so that should help the mid majors.

When Drexel had the most road wins in the country 3 years ago they did not get in. the reasoning was because they finished 4th in the CAA. Even though they beat syracuse and st. josephs and won their bracketbuster game at creighton it didn't matter. the message was sent...if you are only the 4th best team in a mid major conference u are not getting an at large bid..hence we better win the tournament !
Don't give up on winning the regular season or finishing runner-up. There's a lot of games to be played. We just have to win. If we don't, then we probably don't belong in the Tournament anyway.