Darius Theus gives Warren Cramps

Kazie said:
The CAA has a freshman of the year award right?

If so, I think Darius might be considered say...NOW!

While Theus is quite good for a CAA freshman (he would be playing in the PAC-10 at Washington State right now if not for Tony Bennett leaving for UVA), there are several other quite good freshmen who will get to showcase their talents a lot more on younger, less experienced, or less talented teams.

Luke Hancock for George Mason is playing like a veteran on the court and is already the sixth man for a pretty good young Mason squad. He'll likely crack the starting rotation soon. He has gotten a substantial role since Cam Long has been in and out with cramps and they've needed some of their young guys to step up.

Hofstra's Chaz Williams, while small in stature is a speed demon and a very capable point guard who likely would have gone to the Big East had he not committed to Hofstra following his sophomore year of high school.

JMU's Darren White was the 1A State POY in Virginia and is a freak athlete. He's putting up good numbers and starting for the Dukes. He'll get a lot of opportunities to showcase his game.

Matt Rum is a prolific 3-point shooter and doesn't do too much else, but his strength fits the Tribe's style of play to a T. Kyle Gaillard has also shown to be able to contribute right away and is right up there with the best freshmen in the conference.

Keith Rendleman has impressed for UNC-W as well already racking up a double-double with 10 points and 16 boards in a game. He has grown 2 inches since he signed and is now 6'8, a good size for a CAA big.

So while Theus is a very good freshman with a high ceiling, other players will get more time and opportunities. Kind of like when Pierre Curtis won rookie of the year playing for JMU while Eric Maynor sat behind Alexander Harper at VCU. We all know who the better player ended up being. Darius has shown flashes of greatness, but also some very silly freshman mistakes as well. It'll be fun watching him play the next 4 years.
VCU Finance 2008 said:
He is looking great so far. I wonder if his dad ever gets to come see him play?

His dad was at the Bethune-Cookman game
I believe ODU was recruiting Darius, but he may have been their plan "D", behind A,B, and C if they didn't sign. You know, sorta' like they were recruiting BA Walker (teehee).
I spoke with some ODU donors who were pretty well aware of Darius Theus during his recruitment. When the inital news came out that we signed Theus, they were a bit surprised as they were not expecting him to qualify. At that point they had 3A State Player of the Year JaQuon Parker committed to the Monarchs and Josh Hicks out of North Carolina. They told me that Theus was their backup plan and that they weren't sure he'd qualify anyway.

Parker has since decommitted and gone to Cincinnati and Josh Hicks is being redshirted because he's not quite ready to play. I'll take Theus. He's shown that he will gain significant time his freshman year, forget his junior year.
Wasn't Parker originally a 2010 recruit until Cincinnati miraculously found a way to make him eligible for 2009?

I also wonder if Taylor's frequent use of red shirting has any negative impact on his recruiting.
Interesting question. I assume Blaine recruits guys that he thinks would be okay with redshirting if they needed to. Maybe a reason why we see more under-the-radar recruits commit to ODU.

For example, Josh Hicks is being redshirted when the backcourt is a question mark for them. If he could significantly contribute this year, there is no way he redshirts given their needs at his position. One good by-product of redshirting is that you get more physically mature players who have been in the program longer. The negative is that a lot of players would rather not sit on the bench and that might hurt ODU a bit. Blaine has made it work and has slowly rebuilt ODU over the last 3 years or so to a formidable team this year. While they have been rebuilding for awhile, redshirting has shown its benefits for them now this year.
No real surprise here with respect to Darius. He certainly has a very substantial upside - a very high ceiling. Anyone who observed him playing in high school and AAU ball would have discerned this. He had numerous double-doubles and was an impact player for a very good high school team. But besides possessing great size and an excellent skill-set, you've just got to love that swagger. This is something you just can't teach and Darius certainly has it.

That said, Darius still needs to adjust to the speed of the game at this level. Once he makes that adjustment he is going to be a real force in this league.

Regarding the recruitment of Darius by ODU - they just blew it. They did not believe he would qualify and had commitments from Parker, Hicks and Batten. Batten of course for 2010. I can almost assure you they would like to have Darius now. I think he is better than both Hicks and Batten and obviously Parker is a great talent but a somewhat questionable kid who stiffed them. Darius had plenty of significant options at the collegiate level. He just made a very wise choice!
Blackmagic804 said:
Mercury said:
VCU Finance 2008 said:
He is looking great so far. I wonder if his dad ever gets to come see him play?

His dad was at the Bethune-Cookman game

His Dad has been at all the home games.
Yeah, that was just a little joke. If you haven't seen him look in the players family section the next time Darius scores. He is the one holding the sign that says #10 is my son. I have a feeling that he is going to get a lot of mileage out of that sign before it is all said and done.
Just curious but where is the player's family section? Definitely a lot of support from his dad, much respect to him and his family.
Most of them seem to sit across from our bench. Darrius and Joey's dads sit over there....

Back to Warren though, credit everyone for playing him well on D, especially in the first half before the cramps started popping up. Joey, Darrius, Ed and Gavin all were on him at different points, and all gave him fits!
Re: Darius Theus gives Warren Cramps
by Natty on Sun Nov 22, 2009 1:20 am

He and Grayson are lightning quick. How Shaka landed those guys in the amount of time he did is amazing to me.

LOOOOVE our point guard options for the next four years

Bingo. Smart getting Theus so quickly, followed by Grayson and next year Brandenburg is a great job of recruiting BEFORE you've coached your first D1 game. With Joey, this year's crew and next year's, we should be solid for guys who learn Smart's system and have skills. [Don't forget, Grayson is only 17 years old I think?].

Now, if we can land one more talented big AND Larry stays through his Senior year [as I believe he should just to develop game and physically], we should continue to be a threat. Only thing stopping us will be ourselves.
That move Theus made in the first half was unreal...he about faked out their jockstrap - had the ball went in the crowd would have indeed exploded for Theus...

Look forward to Theus!

I like that he's got the cajones to "go for it" whether its a thead the needle pass or right to the hole. One thing I don't like is you can always tell when he's gonna take it all the way to the hole. There were a couple possessions where he gets ball you can tell he's going to drive to the basket no matter what. I'd like him to maintain awareness all the way through in case of the open man or if someone steps up to take a charge. Other than that the kid is nasty and don't think it'll be too long before he puts it together.
I'd love to VCU run some isolation plays just to watch someone try to guard him one on one. I really think Larry could benefit from that as well a la Maynor to Larry.

6'3+ with that quickness is going to be VERY tough to guard against (also had a nice little floater against OU)