Drexel In Game Thread

Too quiet on here. Larry with a block on first possession. Burgess basket 2-0.
vcubanana said:
Sounds like AG talked some sense into Larry today! Love that.
I think Capel was still a big part of Maynor's development even after he left. Maybe AG can be the same for Larry.
First media timeout. They are getting Larry the ball down low for the most part and the press is looking good. They look in much better control. 10-5 VCU. The announcer isnt even watching the game. Keeps talking about a dunk and it was even close.
sounds good so far...back to basics for larry. im pretty peaved that this isnt on cn8 or any other channels. it seemed like last year or two every away game was on tv for us and now theres nothing. whats up with this?