Drexel/Northern schools in the CAA (Whelliston piece)

Thanks for that link. I enjoyed reading the article. I'm a fan of Whelliston's writing. Guess it's largely because we're both mid-major fans/alums, and dream that big dream.

It sounds like Kyle thinks the CAA is a bit misconceived. That the northern schools don't fit. And that the CAA is doomed to failure. That he doesn't think it's the best fit for Drexel. (didn't know he was an alum).
I think the heavy emphasis was on Drexel's not belonging in the CAA, which I tend to agree with (even though I have LOVED the matchups the last 9 seasons).

The question is whether or not large (both in number of teams, and geographic areas) mid-major conferences work. I would have to say NO, and hold up the CUSA as an example of a conference that was too big, and no one cared about it. I don't think the schools that have joined it have gotten better (except for the ones who got out, ie Louisville).

Anyway, there are plenty of threads on realignment, don't need to start a new one. I just thought it was a nice piece with some valid points.
Adding 2 more Northern teams, and then splitting the conference into North and South Divisions could solve many of the problems.
BOOMShakalaka said:
Who would you add? UAlbany?

I honestly have no idea, and wouldn't really want to do it...that said its becoming obvious that Northeastern, Hofstra, and possibly Drexel need it. I enjoy all three teams and would like to see them stay in the CAA.

Just a guess would be Mass & U Newhampshire. Or a Rider and Monmouth.

The Football situation makes it difficult.
From my perspective, we don't have to make too many trips up north because of how we've set it up. And I actually enjoy the possibility of a trip or 2 to Hempstead, Boston, Philly. Made the trip to Drexel for the first time last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. Football is a possible complicating factor for the future. I hope we don't get dragged into that.