Driving people to VCURamNation


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Apr 19, 2009
Well I'm settled here. To me this is no different than the Zone, but with just less noise. I think this is where we should stay.

If that is the plan, how do we help these guys out as much as possible and keep this site going?

First, we have to get the word out. I'm sure the administrators at the Zone at some point will stop us from posting links to this site. So we have to get people a way to know where we are. Every year fans from other schools come to chat before their games. Search engines are the way they find us. But run a search and the main message board that comes up is the Zone. We need to change that.

So here is the challenge out there to all of our computer geeks (I say that in jest), can we do anything that puts VCURamNation at the top of those search engines? I know you used to be able to do it, but can you still?

I would be willing to do a search a day (or more) and click through if that got us there. Will that work??
Well, we're the top search if you type in "forums" instead of message board....
Most likely the fans of other teams will type message board though. There must be a way to make the ramnation come up as though its message board rather than as forum. We don't need fans of OK, Neveda,etc to show up at CAAzone. I have a feeling the people occupying it won't help them find us.
We'll get on tackling that. We can straight up change the name to message board if that's preferable...or just do some smart tagging so it comes up as the top board.
Someone needs to do a little Google bombing...although I've heard Google has found ways to stop that
1. Smart meta tagging still works. For some reason people think it's outdated, but it is still very important in the way Google ranks results.

2. The second most important criteria includes the number of other websites that link to a given website. Therefore, anyone out there with a blog, their own website, their own message boards, whatever -- add a link back to VCURamNation in some way or another.

3. As these boards continue to generate more traffic than the equivalent ones at the Zone, our Google ranking will rise on its own. By the time next season rolls around, fans will be directed here first. I promise.
How about during the season we all chip in and buy a big freakin ad to place on the Zone :D

The ONLY forum for REAL VCU fans!

Heck last night I posted to the GD board a simple straight forward post about the interview with coach smart of those interest. Immediately the place went berserk. I ended up deleting the post to stop the madness.
ESPN 950 AM Greg Burton. Make a call someone, last 30 minutes on Friday is free for all if they don't talk about VCU during the week. Just mention Ramnation to Greg or email him.
The Zone is dead. Long live VCU RamNation. This feels like home.


Brad people criticized you because you posted a link for something that's really VCU only on the general boards.

Now do SOME posters take it out of context and post ridiculous things? Yep.

All I'd say from an NU perspective is we don't go out of our way to post stuff from DHD on CAAzone. It's just not neccsarry. I'm not meaning to lecture you or the rest of VCU fans at all just making the general point that posting ramnation links on CAAzone is only going to cause mayhem because it's a "different" site.

Guys I respect everything DB and crew have done over here. You guys definitely have struck a cord with me being one of the classier fan bases in the CAA(Pav your work with NU fans has been great!). It definitely is a more "info" centric area then the zone is. I'm just sticking up for the zone here a bit in saying you guys should try to be a bit respectful of posting links over there. Even if other schools or particular posters(RR or mason fan) don't.
Absolutely Redsox! I'll still go to the Zone and post. No big deal. I hear they're voting someone off the island! :o
Yep, this is the place to be for Rams fans. DB and Big E get a bunch of thanks, and you guys that run the place, great job. Let us know all the different ways we can monetarily support you. Not just with products, but with straight ahead cash injections. Make it easy to find and do.
The Ram Nation crew handed out a lot of handbills with information on the website and everything last year at some games, and I handed quite a bit out around campus last year as well. Stuff like that is always a good way to spread the word.