Eric's Agent

Oh no! Now that he has hired an agent he can't play for VCU anymore.
Through his agent I have offered to double what Eric made last year if he will continue to play PG for the Rams. Currently waiting for my phone call to be returned.
I'm curious what kind of $$$ does first round draft choice sign for. And how much does Jerry Maguire make. Anyone have an estimate?
Looks like any where from 4.1 mil to .8 mil in base pay depending on the selection.

Not sure what they make in addition to the base in bonuses, appearances, endorsements, camps, etc.

Not a bad start, but unlike the NFL the NBA has a rookie pay scale so the really big money comes in later on.

If Eric is picked 15th and plays for 3 years he can make 4.5 million which is not bad at all considering it is more than most make in a lifetime.