Experience with some ODU fans yesterday.

Dec 19, 2009
Haven't posted in a looong time but just wanted to share some experiences yesterday:
-5 min after walking in the Coliseum- ODU fan says to me "VCU? What is that, Coppin State?" (Dont quite understand where that came from.) I say nothing and keep walking.
-Walking toward Marriott after GMU game, two ODU fans (as old as I am!) are blaring latin music from their pick up. They yell to me and my friend "This is Joey Rodriquez's radio station". We keep walking.
-Marriott crowded so head over to Hilton- ODU fan and his wife sitting at bar. (Older guy than me this time!)Immediately starts giving me a hard time about VCU playing on its "home court". Now some alcohol was involved but this guy was flat out p.o.'d and wouldnt let up. I told him to talk to the commissioner, that I had nothing to do with it. He kept on and was getting more and more worked up."I am so sick of it. VCU getting to play on their home court." We left. In fairness, his wife was trying to calm him down and was nice to us. I am sure ODU fans could probably tell similar stories from the opposite angle, and what I am sharing is nothing new, but these 3 unprovoked controntations prompted me to want to pass the experience along anyway.
maybe if they had the same amount of talent as they do excuses...you deal with the hand you're dealt with. take it or leave it. they don't have to play, we'll be happy with an odu forfeit if they think it's unfair.
they are just trying to find an excuse if they do lose today.

I serisouly wonder what would make ODU fans happy - I guess the CAA would have to be held in Norfolk, but how much sense does that make?

screw them, i hope we beat their butts today.
At one time the Sun Belt Conference tournament was held at the Hampton Coliseum. It is probably in worse shape than the Richmond Coliseum. We whupped up on them when JD was coach.
Man, you missed a great opportunity. There's nothing like punching a drunk ODU fan.

I kid, I kid...sort of.
I don't remember who the 5 seed was last year when we were the #1 seed, but I am pretty sure we weren't as afraid of them as ODU fans are of VCU. I would be pretty upset if our coach started making excuses about why we might lose a game a week ahead of time.
ODU and Mason all like to complain about it, and while being in Richmond does help us out it's not like they haven't benefitted. It's not exactly a 90-10 split when we play either of those teams.
I was waiting in line to buy a drink and popcorn and an ODU fan walks by my mumbling something like "This place is a dump, we need to get the tournament out of here."

He was talking to himself.
Well, the place is a dump -- but the alternatives in their part of town aren't much better. The scope is in better shape, but it's still a 35+ year old mausoleum. It's funny to hear them talk about what a step up that would be. If it's moved it needs to be moved to a newer, state of the art, arena. If the CAA is to keep it in Richmond then the RC needs to continue to spend millions to keep the RC from falling down and have a plan to build a new arena.

I also heard an ODU fan referring to the "dump" and to it "being ragged out"...but he was talking about his ODU grad wife.
I thought it was quite amusing yesterday when the ODU fans started chanting "We want Mason" immediately after their win against Towson. It's clear that VCU intimidates them. They don't even want to play us. :lol: