Fifteen to Skeen!


Apr 20, 2009
15 more days until Jamie Skeen's first game against Tulane. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to see what this cat can do! Skeen has a unique skill set for a 6'9, 245 forward. The guy can really shoot it from 3!


Skeen started 24 games for Wake Forest as a freshman and 6 as a sophomore (he had an ankle injury that hampered him much of the year). He also was in the top 3 in rebounding on the team both his freshman and sophomore years, which God knows we need right now. The word from those close to the program is that he is the best offensive player on this team, which is scary to think about! We could be really good with Skeen added to the mix, and Saintil has a ton of potential and is another big body we can use since our frontcourt is so thin!

I can't wait! Go Rams!
I know everyone on the boards is putting a lot of faith into Skeen, but I'm gonna be debbie downer with a question. Is he in basketball shape? I know its been a while since he's played, with the injury and sitting out because of the transfer. I want to get really excited about this guy, but I also don't want to be disappointed after a few games. So are we putting too much faith in this guy or are we going to be disgustingly good?
Wonder why he changed his jersey number?
To answer my own question, it was his # in high school.
I was almost fooled into thinking Jay Gavin dishes him the pass in the last part of the video clip. White uniforms and number 0 dishes to Skeen for a three ball. This kid's the real deal, forget the three ball...rebounding and a short range game would be ideal. This kids been doing the cardiovascular workouts and high energy practices..he'll be ready. With Skeen and Sanders its gonna be the Super Sport version of Havoc. Havoc SS. Can't wait.
I can't tell you how good Skeen is but I can say that he certainly won't hurt us adding another capable big body to a shorter team. From what I've seen, he looks like a less flashy Micheal Anderson with being able to play like a guard but also being able to play down low.
I see what you are getting at with the Michael Anderson comparison, but he won't play like Anderson.

Anderson is 6' 7" and maybe 215. Skeen is 6 '9" and 245. You will see the difference when he hits the court. WAY better rebounder than Anderson was and he has better post moves. You guys are going to have to trust on this one. Now, it will take him awhile to shake the rust off and it will be interesting to see how he and Larry co-exist.
There is no downside to adding Skeen to the rotation. How many nights have we sat on the edge of our seats and prayed that Larry would not get into foul trouble...answer too many. Although Skeen may not be the supreme shot blocker Larry is he has a more polished inside game.

Also, think about how our press will look with Larry standing at mid court and Jamie under the basket. And think about how the flow of the games will go when we start getting rebounds, which we are pathetic at now due to the height disadvantage.

Plus when conference time comes and we have to play three games in five days an extra body or two will only help. Bring on Jamie and bring on Big T. I can't wait.
I think we should redshirt Santil.....If he is going to miss half the season due to injury anyway....why waste a year of eligibility....especially if Skeen plays well.
getsmart, aka don adams, great post. you are right on target with your thoughts on Skeen...
Capel spoke very highly of Skeen in the post game a few weeks back... Said we would be a dangerous team with him in the mix. I'm very excited, if anything, a good addition to our already deep roster. We can rest Larry and get some good inside-outside action. It's safe to have a low expectation, but I'm already anticipating big things from Skeen.
Only upside, but we need patience as he gets his game Gavin, I think he'll need some burn in. But as Gavin is showing, great addition to Ramland.

Skeen's talent level is much higher than most in CAA so by February, if he develops nicely, he may be turning heads outside VCU program! [sounds like Capel agrees].

I've lost sight of his transfer status. Will he have two years left after this year?
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by districtballer on Fri Dec 04, 2009 11:25 pm

He has 1.5 years of eligibility. He graduates after next season.

By end of this year, assuming everyone stays healthy with incremental improvement, I can't recall a better VCU front court than Sanders, K and Skeen, agree?

Next year--what a front court of bigs [Saintil, Skeen, Sanders] S-to-the-third-power! I believe [hope?] Larry returns.

If we lose Sanders/Skeen after next year, same time, ouch! I know this board has said many times, but I remain amazed other bigs don't see "other" talent we have and what role they could play in years.

Donte Williams, what are you waiting for?
prchdalaw said:
I think we should redshirt Santil.....If he is going to miss half the season due to injury anyway....why waste a year of eligibility....especially if Skeen plays well.

I don't if he can give is a strong valuable three months it would be well worth it to have an another athletic big body in the game to help rebound etc.