Flashback to 2006

May 6, 2009
The VCU team that played tonight reminded me a lot of the team in 2006-2007 that Anthony Grant had his first season. A lot of pressing and using the run and jump at halfcourt. I know it was the first game but the havoc does not look like something that we have not seen before. I think the team looked very comfortable defensively because Smart's defensive principles look to be very similar to that of Grant. Hopefully Smart will be able to keep depth in the future so that he can stick to this style of play. We all saw how Grant had to kind of go away from it because of depth issues after the first season. Very good start for the Rams.
To me, it looks like you gotta have the right people on the floor for the press to work. We tried going with TJ and Brad while Larry did the in bounds early, and Union made it look easy. Larry will obviously guard the inbound, but you need someone like Ed or Brandon (or both) in that unit pressing the full court. I'm very optimistic.