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Love Coach Ham and I think he should leave FSU because imo the NIL goes to the football team. I can't blame the University at all for that. But the schism has occured. right?
Can’t argue with you that he improved after getting benched. Let’s be honest though, the version of Jamir Watkins playing in game 1 at FSU was not even in the same conversation as the kid playing his last game at VCU. He just held his own in the NBA combine and probably has as good of a chance as Vince did at getting drafted early 2nd round. Vince didn’t get a combine invite either.

Can you honestly say he would be on the NBA radar if he stayed with Mike Rhoades? Jamir would’ve taken a backseat to Ace. That’s a fact nobody can deny.

The NBA is elite and the 15th guy on each roster was a stud in college. Ace has never been the most talented player on his team in college. Jamir was just another role player deferring to Ace in Mike’s undisciplined “star ball” offense. Funny the player still with Mike isn’t even on the radar.

Hamilton ran offensive sets (what an absurd concept for a college basketball coach) to feature Jamir (his best pro prospect) taking advantage of his elite level college talent. There’s a reason Leonard Hamilton is one of the best all time in the ACC and likely a future HOF coach.
I agree. I am not saying that Mike made a mistake however. Just that Mike didn’t feature Jamir and his talents.

Also, as I have previously stated there could be many reasons that Mike chose to let Ace pull the train instead of Jamir, as we aren’t in the business of developing NBA talent. But rather winning NCAA games and getting to the tournament. If we get a kid to the NBA that is a huge bonus. Also, the best NBA talents especially in the late firs, 2nd, and UDFA may not have been the best guys on their college teams.

At the end of the day, Jamir wasn’t a perfect fit for what Mike wanted. Not saying Jamir lacked skill, didnt have the body type to fit in Mke’s system, lactated raw talent, had a bad attitude, etc. Just that he didn’t fit what Mike wanted, and that is evident because Mike chose a raw Nick Kern as a starter over Jamir. Also, as we all know and knew Jamir si a baller. I would say, most of us saw potential NBA prospect even when at VCU.

I would also say, he would have been on the NBA radar had he stayed. Scouts are good at spotting talent these days. You are correct that he likely would not have started at VCU, especially if Kern continued to develop and play the role Mike needed to make his offense work. Also, he surely wouldn’t have gotten a Combine Invite, and likely wouldn’t have had a chance at being drafted.

So I agree, he found a program that fit him, and a HC who agreed As such, he did become a better player and he did have greater development in 1 year at FSU than he did in 3 years at VCu.
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Yup … Rhoades should have milked everything he could out of Watkins.
I kind of feel like half the time when Rhoades was having his teaching moments with the players on the sidelines they weren't listening to him.

Watkins never seemed to be paying attention to him.

They were already aware of the "meathead" status
I always felt is was extremely embarrassing that our program with our great medical system couldn't determine what was wrong/happening to Kearse, yet little Eckerd College, 10 minutes down the road from where I currently live, were able to figure it out and provide treatment for him.
IMO, the university, our athletic program and the basketball program all failed in our mission with regard to Kearse.
It must be a day ending in Y, because Kevin Easley is in the portal again. This will be his seventh year, and the latest NCAA ruling giving players impacted by litigation an additional year, he could be eligible for an eighth.

How is he suddenly in the portal now when it closed over a month ago?

This 7-8 years of college play is getting ridiculous.
How is he suddenly in the portal now when it closed over a month ago?

This 7-8 years of college play is getting ridiculous.

If he was part of the group given an extra year of eligibility after the NCAA ruling then it makes sense that they'd grant an exception to enter after the deadline.