Greetings from New Orleans

Wolfpack Ram said:
vcubob said:
I can report the Carmelia Grill was as advertised, a fun place last night.

Most memorable part of visit so far was a stop at the Jonathan Ferrrara Gallery. Han an exhibit there of Ralph Bourque that was first rate. The drawing of "Fat Man" was eye opening and a stunning drawing of Ms. Wasilla, 2009.

Camelia Grill is one of my favorite places! Did you try the milk shakes or hot apple pie alamode? All of the food is awesome there and it's a great atmosphere watching those guys cook.

I missed out on the apple pie. I did try the vanilla ice cream mike shake, it was ok, i would have preferred more cream and less ice. The Reuben was done right and the service was excellent, it was fun watching the staff interact with the customers.