Halftime/TO games


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Feb 9, 2009
Ok, so we've all seen our fair share of really dumb VA Lottery games. So let's try and come up with some ideas of our own. They probably wont get used, but hey it's the off-season, and it beats talking about Shaka to Clemson.

My vote is for VCU Dancing with the Stars.

Pick 8 (or 16) VCU former players, notable fans, alumni, staff and professors. Pair them each with a member of the Dance Team. Each home game has two contestants who learn a 45 second dance with their dance team partner. Fans vote by texting.

First match-up is between the 1-seed Total Package and the 8-seed Pavarotti :lol: Followed by 2-seed Dominic Jones against 7-seed FMRick. Maybe 3-seed Dr. Rao vs 6 seed Dr. Hunt.
Dorfman, better known as "Flounder" from Animal House attended VCU in the 70's. we should throw him in there
Excellent, maybe he could be a lower seed than me :)

please no!
The more I think about this idea the more I keep ruminating the word awkward.
screw the gimicky games .... just have the dance team work it all half-time... alternate between canned music and the band, and have the dance team wear too-small tshirts with the sponsors' logos on them
a game of grab ass with the dance team?

what's grab ass you ask?

it's a game where everyone runs in circles and grabs each others asses.
Idea #2
A take on the newlywed game. Bring two fans who know each other well (we'll keep this open to anyone, not just newlyweds) and have them each answer an easy, medium and hard question about the other person, if the answer matches they win escalating prizes: easy question wins 2 movie tickets (go get Movieland as a sponsor!), medium question adds dinner at a sponsoring Richmond restaurant (somebody call the Tobacco Company and get them as a sponsor), hard question adds a night's stay at the Marriott (or another sponsor hotel). Both people get all questions right, you win a pretty nice date or party weekend.

Idea #3
And probably the best one. Have a full super-bowl style halftime show, sponsored by the Virginia Lottery, featuring The Peppas and the Gold Rush Dancers. This would add a lot more rehearsal time needed for the Pep Band and Dance Teams, so they get raises (sponsored by the Virginia Lottery) accordingly.
You do bring up some interesting ideas, but as I read them I come up with a couple interesting questions (besides the total lack of respect 7 seed I was given).

You mentioned two very good possible sponsors- the Tobacco Company and Movieland. Are these companies being contacted? We have a lot of very good, positive productive companies in this area, and you would think that someone in the AD is asking these people to be part of the program. Just think of how many companies there are in the city and the counties and it gets you wondering, do we really "work" these people? Maybe we need more staff dedicated to getting more of the high profile business involved, and not just settling for "what we need", but EXPANDING the program and the games "show" quality. Has anyone contacted Martin's?

I know we have people who have the responsibility of contacting businesses and getting support, but do we have anyone who has that as the ONLY responsibility? I see way too many business that are not part of the program, and far too many of the same companies (mostly owned or controlled by supporters) involved with VCU. There has to be more out there that want to be part of what is going on, and someone needs to tap into that potential.

I know this is an area where we can do better. I don't mean you have to go as far as naming the floor after a company, but you would think that something as simple as giving away more "stuff" (like movie tickets) would have people jumping at the chance to get involved. You just need someone who is trained and professional in that type of "selling". I fear what we have are the people work for the AD going out and doing this, but it not their only and most important function, just something else they are made to do. Nothing against them, but I think a profession team or person would do better.

Everyone has to advertise. Nothing like 7000 Richmond people hearing your name and seeing you product every game. Especially for restaurants, hotels, and other entertainment type establishments. EVERYBODY has to advertise. Why not with us?
If you set up the prizes with a "Price is Right"esque mini-commercial (aka, everybody gets to see the interior of Movieland on the big screen, announcer gives a blurb about it), I could see it as a great revenue generator for the theater. I would even wonder if they would consider cross-promoting. A spot on their screens before movies, in return for a spot in our games at halftime?

Sorry about the 7 seed, I was like the NCAA tournament, and taking your injured shoulder into consideration. Side note, the 4/5 battle will be between two former Rodney's to end the question of "Who was the best Rodney?" If Dr. Rao doesn't want the 3 seed, we could probably give it to Jim "What, a Rowdy is Homecoming King?" Thompson. Realistically, we shouldn't seed, because then I have to face the Total Package in the first round, and then I wouldn't get to dance with the dance team any more (side note, as to not take away from the current dance team's performance, perhaps competitors should get to dance with Dance Team alumni instead).
FMRick as a 7 seed "Dancing with the Stars"? More like a 16 seed or "play in" game winner!!! :lol: :shock: