Haukur Palsson

Probably would have helped to have Franck around since they both went to the same school...he might have known him or something.
Mistachill said:

Rivals.com reports that Harvard could dip back into the talent pool at Montverde (Fla.) Academy. Haukur Palsson, who has traveled from Iceland to play at Montverde is a 6'6" 215 lb. small forward in the class of 2010 who is getting interest from Harvard, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt and VCU.

I first saw his name yesterday or the day before. here is a write up i found

a very complete SF player who can play three positions in the court without problems, offense-defense, thanks to his athletic talent and developed basketball IQ. Palsson has a special talent to control the game. Very skilled player, Palsson controls many aspects of the game.
Physically very strong and hardy, is very active and liable on both sides of the court.
Very fast footwork movements on defense, use his hands correctly to anticipate and steal the ball.
He is a good shooter behind the arc and he has a nice ball touch to shoot near and far from the basket.
Play one on one from the dribble without problems but takes advantage of many options playing the off-ball game. He is great at rebounding, being better in defense rebound.

U18 European Champioship 2009 div.B, Haukur was one of the most outstanding player despite not being in their best shape.


-Unselfish player
-Great rebounder against bigger players
-Basketball IQ
-Scoring ability


-Slow shooting behind the arc
-Can be better on dribble

Haukur “Hawk” Palsson, a 6-foot-6 senior guard from Iceland who has a scholarship offer from USF but isn’t likely to make his decision until the spring signing period was one of the players making a visit.
http://w3.nbebasketball.com/2009/11/03/ ... lorida-15/

USF is the only offer i see.
sounds like a Nick George clone. same height and weight and comparison sounds similar except for the lack of leadership. Nick had plenty of leadership skills.