HBO 'Hard Knocks' to showcase Bengals


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Feb 10, 2009
CINCINNATI -- The star-crossed Bengals are about to become HBO's latest stars.

The cable channel and NFL Films chose one of the league's least-successful teams of the last 18 years for its next "Hard Knocks" training camp series. Last year, the Dallas Cowboys were the ones followed through training camp.

HBO started the program in 2001 with the Baltimore Ravens. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis was the defensive coordinator in Baltimore then, so he's familiar with how it works. Still, television executives had to do some arm-twisting to get the team to go along.

The Bengals have only one winning record since 1991, when owner Mike Brown took over. One intriguing subplot will be how Brown, who shies away from cameras, comes across in the episodes. Brown didn't attend a news conference about the show.
I had a buddy who used to cover the Bengals. Oh, the stories...train wreck, and Mike Brown is the conductor.
It was sorta OK when it's Dallas. Gonna be a tough sell with the Bengals however.