Here we go again.... The Rotation....


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Apr 21, 2009
Obviously, some things could change. But for now, here's how I see it shaking out:

P/G J-Rod / Theus / Rozzell
2/G Gavin / Rozzell / Daniels
S/F Burgess / Rozzell / Nixon / Daniels / Gwynn
P/F Skeen / Saintil / Gwynn / KP
C Sanders / K-P / Hinton

* If this pans out, we at VCU will have NEVER seen quality depth like this across the board. We have solid depth at every position, and some back-ups that are starting-caliber on most CAA teams. And can anyone ever remember us having this kind of quality depth up front? I can't. And finally, can anyone remember having this many guys that can (as far as we know) score? It would seem that we are loaded.

* If our guy can coach like we have heard, we are going to be extremely dangerous. I know a lot can happen, and we could be a 6th place team or worse. but it really doesn't look like it. Not when you analyze the team on paper, anyway. Looks like we have a really good looking staff, and 3 returning starters, plus a few more that are starting-caliber. 5 returning starters if you count Kirill and Gavin, who was a starter at Marist, and one of the brighter looking young players in his league.
IMO, reminds me of the Orlando Magic starting line up, 4 guys who can shoot the three, with a dominant big man inside.
We certainly should be able to press large portions of the game, maybe the entirety. As a Ram fan I have grown fond of this defensive strategy.

Our fast break shoukd be good too if Larry can get the outlet pass, the fast guards drive to the hoop and finish or find the open three point shooter.

With this kind of fast paced game we will have turnovers.

I like your starting line-up. I too believe in time it will be hard to keep Jamie Skeen out of the starting five. He has a tremendous amount of talent and a fine skill-set. With Jamie it will be all about shedding the rust and very importantly understanding that he has to go hard all the time. We are talking about a top 50 type player coming out of high school.

I'm not sure VCU has ever had this much talent on a team top to bottom. We should be deep at every position except maybe the point, and I agree we should have more front court talent than we ever have had. The key will be the new staff getting these guys in condition to play the up-tempo game, and being able to put all the pieces together. Much will come down to chemistry but with four(4) starters now returning along with two(2) guys that have been practicing with the team for a year I feel pretty darn good. The league favorite? Probably not - but a very dangerous team indeed. I just don't see anyone with more talent in the CAA.
I don't think conditioning for the press is the problem with only two guys who haven't been conditioning or practicing with the team. I think executing the press will be the issue, our press with Grant was great the first year he installed it, but after that it went down hill a little and didn't impress me as much.

Joey / Theus / Rozzell
Gavin / Rozzell / Daniels / Nixon
Burgess / TJ / Daniels
Skeen / KP / TJ
Larry / Saintil

If TJ can work on his outside shooting we could be darn scary with any lineup that we throw out there. Maybe Coach Smart will have Kiril working on his outside shooting that we had heard about before he came to VCU. Other than that, the only players that I don't see capable of knocking down three's are Larry and Terrance.

I know we won't have Eric next year but if Theus can step up and be an average passer and score the ball, then I think we will have one heck of a year.
I would not anticipate conditioning for the press to be a problem either so long as the new regime maintains a similar regimen. Conditioning can fall off in a hurry if it is not continuously emphasized. I don't see this as a problem however.

I think Anthony's press was curtailed somewhat by periodic problems with depth. That should not be a problem this year!
I still wouldn't be surprised if Brandon was our starting PG at the beginning of next season...
it will be interesting to see the minutes that KP and TJ get. Once Skeen is eligible, that probably takes starting minutes away, but I see both these guys really helping us next year. TJ is an "X factor" guy. He doesn't do anything superbly (other than hustle), but IMO we usually play better when he is on the floor.
I agree that depth killed the press for AG over the last two years. In AG's first year he inherited a deeply talented team with players skilled at multiple positions: E, TJ, BA, M Anderson, Calvin, Jesse, Shu, Wil Fameni, Franck, and Matt Coward. AG rotated often keeping the players fresh and the press on.

Last year we could barely field a team after Myk quit, Lance was booted, TJ broke his toe, Franck hurt his knee and Kirill and Larry were fouling out of every other game.

Back to 06-07 season. Remember how many games we won, including against Duke and almost Pitt, because we ran the opposing team to near death. No other team in the CAA had that much talented depth. We walked through the CAA and made a good show in the tourney.

As you have stated we go at least 11 deep this coming season. If Coach Smart desires to keep the press on he has the talented bodies to do so. Unlike last year I think we will see start the games behind but win them late in the second half.

When AG came to town there were billboards and such stating 94' all game or something to that effect.

What will Coach Smart's motto be? Eaten Alive!, 40 minutes of heck!, etc...
This is how i would do it:

All good comments, and all of it is getting me jacked up- big time! Man- I can not wait for the next edition of VCU hoops. It should be a lot of fun, with some unknowns left to tantalize us.

Personally, it is my opinion that Larry is purely a 5- not a 4 by any stretch- at least not in the college game. Many of you who know me, and have been reaidng my posts since the mid-90's on Rivals, know that I have said this a hundred times. But it is my philosophy that in the college game, my preference, and this is just that- a preference, is for a center that is truly a "pivot," which I believe may be a Chuck Noe term. I like a guy that may not be as wide and strong, but that is super athletic, and can make up for mistakes, get to the rim on both ends quickly, and wreak havoc with his length and athleticism. Examples are Ren Watson, Sheron Mills (to some extent.... he wasn't quite as aggressive), LF Licholitov, and of course, the Landlord.

On the other hand, I prefer the bruising, board-cleaning, hammering wide-body type to be my 4. Great examples are Kenny Stancell (when he felt like it), John Thompson, Bernard Hopkins, Shclegel (who was really the prototype 4), Terrance Saintil, etc. That is how I like the 4 and 5 to shake out- when you have the luxury of choosing, which is not very often. Obviously, it doesn't always work out that way. Shlegel obviously had to play the 5, as did troy Godwin, and they both played extremely well. Kendrick Warren doesn't fit quite into either mold, but was just a pure beast. How about Down-Town Freddy Brown, the 6'3" P/F that could jump through ANY roof.... And there are plenty of other examples.

Anyway, what I am getting at is this: IMO, we finally have somehting we have never had at VCU- (2) excellent quality centers, one of which might very well be all-world, in Larry Sanders. I truly believe that he is a center, and a center only. I also believe, although somewhat contrary to my theory, that K-P is not a 4. He is also a 5, and I say that more based on his style of play, and after watching him for 2 years now. I just think he is really a 5 with the way he plays- and not a 4. But that's great, b'c now you have (2) legit centers. And heck- Hinton might be able to help in a pinch.

That said, we are locked and loaded also at the 4- with Skeen being the most versatile and perhaps talented, and with one very intriguing Terrance Saintil backing him up. Throw in TJ (talk about not in the mold!) as the "X" factor like rammed talked about, and bingo- we are locked up at the 4 and 5, and in great shape!

The 2 and 3 are also loaded- depth-wise, with Burgess manning the ship as the prototype well-rounded, rebounding, passing, defending, and shooting 3, with his big strong frame. And with Nixon and Gwynn able to help there, as well as Daniels. And then Gavin, Rozzell, Daniels, Nixon, etc, as 2's... and again- we are just loaded with talent, with shooters, and with blinding depth that we have never had. With J-Rod, Theus, and Rozzell at the point, that really completes the picture. Heck- sounds like Theus could easily play the 2 as well.

Another interesting note is this: If we play the 40-minutes of heck type thing again, which by all accounts we are aimed at, and which we definitely have the depth to accomplish, the sweet thing is that all of our big men can really move. Larry is amazing in the way he gets up and down the court, and that is obvious. But K-P is an interesting athlete. Although there is really zero vertical there, he does really move well up and down the court. So you aren't hurt by having him in there. And then we all know Saintil is a gifted athlete for a big strong guy. We need to see how Skeen moves, but again- by all accounts, we should have exactly the player-set (on paper) to play the game our staff wants to play. Now we'll just have to see if they can employ it, and if the guys can come together- chemistry wise. That is going to be the big test.
By the way, here's the thing that a lot of outsiders don't seem to get: After a thorough analysis of this VCU RAMS team, how in the world does it look like we have to have a P/G that averages 23 a game? We don't. It's that simple. Now, that doesn't mean we are going to be 25-3 this year. But we are going to be a completely different looking team this year, with a different focus. We will surely miss Eric Maynor, but I think this team is going to be excellent. We are loaded, and should be much more balanced.
Joey coming back was the final piece of the puzzle. He may not be CAA POY or an NBA lottery pick,but his skills, hustle and experience go a long way toward alleviating Ram fans' anxiety about next season. Rambo, I too will be jacked by the beginning of next season. It could turn out to be something special.
getSmart said:
What will Coach Smart's motto be? Eaten Alive!, 40 minutes of heck!, etc...
In his introductory press conference Coach Smart said that our style of play next year was going to wreak havoc on our opponents. I enjoyed seeing the team play 94 feet in 2007-08, but I think I like Wreak Havoc even more as long as we can back it up. Teams won't have to worry about just getting the ball past half court. They will also have to get it past Larry Sanders on their way to the hoop. If he can stay out of foul trouble and give us 30+ mins a game that could be a tall task for VCU opponents.
It's official RamBo.....YOUR thread has ME all jacked up. I better calm down before I get all JacksonWard31 on you guys. :lol: