How are you feeling right now about the team and program?

I had realistic expectations except the RAMS and their stupid opponents didn't realize that to me.
Great thread everybody let's trash it now with a youtube video!

She said some absolutely idiotic crap years back, something like that no real rock and roll song featured a sax. It set a ton of my friends off. I've thought so much about that ever since.
I am feeling pretty good right now. The landscape has changed and it seems Coach Odom understands this fully. It also appears that he and his Assistants are adapting well.

What’s really changed, the portal:

  1. You will lose players every year.
  2. You will have to recruit in a short window for players who are in school but decide to move on
  3. You will need money to both retain as well as attract portal eligible players
  4. HS recruiting will still be required. However, you have to be very careful that the kid will at least give you one solid year before moving on.
  5. The off season is now more vital than ever and Coaches must now focus on team and team building as much or more than they previously did on skill building during this period.
How has Odom faired thus fa?
  1. He has filled two positions of need in bigger guy and ball handling with two solid Transfers.
  2. He as recruited two solid guards who could be a back court tandem that helps this year and are go to at t least one year after that.
  3. He retained two potentially solid underclassmen who have high upside in Belle and Fats.
  4. He retained our only returning big in Fermin a player he has praised both for starting all games last year, improving in his last few, and who is presently exhibiting a high work ethic, (As much as fans loved Tobi he and Fermin played the same position. However, coach decided to start Fermin not Tobi for ALL the games. That has got to account for something)
  5. He retained a solid veteran backcourt in Bam, and Zeb one or both should be all conference.
  6. He is currently recruiting shooters and a big.

I think Odom has nailed it. We have to understand that we aren’t getting top 50 or maybe even top 75 transfers. However, we will likely get specialist like KK who do one or two things well. Maybe they just have size, or smaller but can shoot, maybe it’s D, or rebounding.

This just means our HC and crew will earn those rather large salaries. IMO they have done a good job and are up to the task.

I like where we are and know we will be better before the seasons starts.
I don't know that VCU not signing one of the two or three top bigs in the country is precisely news