How is the Weather?

Apr 20, 2009
I know there was some worry as to the snow/weather overall.

We are driving up tomorrow so we just want to make sure everything is okay driving wise.
It's absolutely horrible. I recommend canceling the trip. Looks like this right now:

Weak ass Hassell. You used to be less of a dumbf2ckass.

BTW, Enjoy Richmond VA. ODU doesnt seem to help you out with that.
Razor and Hassell are getting a little full of themselves - - they finish first in the regular season and don't know what to's been so long for them. I say ban their sorry asses from the RamNation...they are two of the main protagonists that made the CAA Zone untenable and recently they've been trying to do the same here.

ODU is not winning this tourney.
Am I missing something? Seems like an honest question to me. Give the guy a break.
vcubanana said:
Hey John, how's the weather?

It's going to be raining threes, Saturday morning, brother!
John swore to me it would snow at least 6-12 inches. The same forecaster predicted the other two big storms, Right?