If a tree falls in the forest...

Apparently the officials weren't watching either. Did you notice the player right behind Allen at 3.1 seconds trying to call the time-out?
Sigh we were on thanksgiving break. So the student population wasn't going to be there. However we've gotten solid student turnout and I would not be surprised if we had a VERY heavy turnout for the PC game. NU AD is trying really hard to try to get a sellout for tues.

Regardless Chase had a phenomenal game. 21pts 8 rbs 6 assts with only 1 TO is how we need him to play come CAA regular season time.
Yall know I love Huskie Nation, but I've seen more fans at a HS JV girls game.
did VCU not have a game on Black Friday?
I also had that many people in my row :lol:
I was pretty impressed with our turnout v. Nevada. The paid seats were pretty full and the endzones were about 30-40%, can't ask for much more on black friday!
Perhaps NU can use some of the money that they were going to spend on football and put it towards marketing the basketball team/games They are in a major market (unfortunately with some major competition) and so would be good to fill their arena during games.

I say this now because we are doing a pretty good job of filling the SC but the CAA needs to push to increase attendance at some of these games. Granted the NU game was during the break so not really focusing on that. But with teams in major markets, it really hurts when the news shows game highlights with empty arenas.
Look the southern schools have an inherent advantage on the whole(most but not all) in that they are not in major sports areas. At NU we have Two major sports venues within walking distance of 15 minutes(fenway) or the Fleet center which is a T ride of 30 minutes. So if on a Saturday you say would rather go to a saturday afternoon Celtics/sox game or NU basketball?? More importantly in the northeast generally people care more about Pro sports then they do college. There are a lot of reasons why that is but here are some hard facts regarding another local school, It's a a recent blog post on a BC site but I think it gives you the general idea of how hard it is to fill an arena in Boston as a college/university

the Eagles ...

* Ranked 99th nationally in men's basketball average attendance with 19 home games, total attendance of 105,418 and average attendance of 5,548
* Filled Conte Forum to 64% capacity on average over those 19 home games
* Finished 11th out of 12 ACC teams, only topping Miami (FL)'s average attendance of 4,537 a game
* Were outdrew by such basketball powerhouses as the aforementioned Siena (7,497), Missouri State (7,147), Illinois St. (7,118), Charlotte (6,184), VCU (6,106), Hawaii (5,889), Evansville (5,863), and Oral Roberts (5,625), among others

Pardon the blog's potshot at you. But the important thing to note is how hard it is to fill up an arena in Boston, even for an ACC basketball school with pretty good basketball history.

As to your point about marketing money... eh we'll see. I think in reality I'd much rather see the money go towards extensions for HC Coen and HC Cronin(our hockey coach). Those are major priorities before any marketing money gets distributed. Some of the money will likely be funneled back into those two programs but will also be used for other parts of the department(most likely baseball vball and m/w soccer).

Coen's scheduling philsophy at NU was due to in part paying the bills NU football built up. That stretch of buy games his first year at NU(SU Pitt UConn and @ BC) was largely done to garner experience for a relatively young team but also to get as much cash as possible. So look for less buy games as the years go on.

Remember, The money isn't all going to be there right away because NU is guaranteeing the scholarships of any player that chooses not to transfer. Therefore you have roughly 2.4 million that cannot be used for any other use then these players educations.(60 players * 40,000 grand).
If I am a Northeastern student and a ticket to the game is free or if I am a local NU grad and a ticket costs $10 I think that is quite easy to make a choice to go to a NU game over a Celtics game (where the tickets are probably at least $80 for the cheap seats).

NU will never win the CAA tourney with this kind of support. I honestly think this is a factor for them. Hope they don't cancel basketball next :shock:
actually rambunctious it costs 10 dollars for cheap seats at celtics games. $12 for Sox games and $10 bruins games as well. So it's not as easy of a choice as you make it out to be.