Jabril Trawick

He is also looking for exposure...I'll not comment.

Isn't RamNation intended for comments? If we can't handle the truth [in spirit of growing VCU bb with integrity] then we have a problem bigger than this one recruit....comment away.

While very, very few mid-major schools get the same "exposure" on espn highlights compared to a BCS school, VCU can provide this young man every bit as much in the way of education, bb development and excellent coaching/facilities as most any major--this includes eventually putting him in the NBA [past two years and 2 first round picks].

IF by exposure what this young man really means is seeing the reaction on the faces of other 16 and 17 year olds in the hallways of his H.S. when he says he chose VCU over Gtown, then his concept "exposure" maybe more closely linked to a "cultrual endorsement for 10 minutes of fame". That definition of exposure will be less at VCU than say Gtown or Florida State [two of his other "favorites"].

This simply comes down to 1) maturity of student athlete involved, and 2) VCU coaching staff and school enabling the young man to parse perception from reality on what may be in his longer-term best interest. I personally can't answer either, but do know too many 18 years get swayed by hype over substance. Fortuantely, our program is long on substance.

We are a very good mid-major. We cannot become a major, because the system will not let us; so let's be the best mid-major we can. That can/should mean a consistent Top 20 program. [yes, I'll support "beefing up" scheduling, as it can/will provide exposure...but we can't prostitute ourselves at the constant benefit of the major's to get that schedule; not all the time].
mwalvlior said:
well at least the others are in big conferences if not already big programs.

yeah I meant moreso the likes of georgetown, 4 ACC teams, and cincy.

better to be listed among them than be ODU and have current recruit galen campbell narrowing it down between ODU, citadel, charleston southern, jacksonville univ, and eastern kentucky