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Feb 12, 2009
Don't know if anyone has posted that link yet...but www.Jazzfanz.com runs the same kind of board as we do, they have a big post on the selection of Eric... I hope many of you will join me (once they approve my membership...which is taking forever) on my favorite NBA teams message board...
Is there even 1 Jazz fan that likes this pick?!

I can't wait to see them all eat their words. Eric seems to have spent his entire life proving the naysayers wrong. I'm sure they won't be too happy when he's hitting on all cylinders in year 3 and gets picked up by another team.
Actually, if you read the whole thread there are quite a few. They have a lot of dogs on their roster. They're going to love Eric.
Like every other fan...NBA or college....they all want a "name" player. Doesn't matter if a guy can't play....if they have a "name" the fans are happy....until the season starts. Most of those guys only watch BCS teams play (well to be truthful, there isn't much opportunity to watch mids play). Those fans threw out a bunch of names...most of whom Eric has played against in real game situtations....and most he was at least equal to or better than during the games. Those fans don't know what they are talking about.

What I really don't get is the "lack of defense" talk about Maynor. First of all, the NBA is all about run and gun...there is no real defense. Second, every team...mids or majors have claimed we are the most dominantly defensive team they have EVER played against. And Eric has more than held his own against the tops in college basketball.
All these fair weather fans who seem to be underwhelmed by Eric's pick will be slathering at the mouth after the Jazz' first "Maynor Moment."
I think it's a fair reaction regarding Maynor on their behalf. I know some VCU fans least expected him to land in Utah.
ViCtorioUs said:
All these fair weather fans who seem to be underwhelmed by Eric's pick will be slathering at the mouth after the Jazz' first "Maynor Moment."

I don't think it makes them fair weather fans because they did not like their teams draft pick.
As a Jazz fan who listens to a lot of the sports radio and also looks at these forums, please don't be to offended by Jazz fans, there never happy trust me. Few draft picks don't have hundreds of posts bashing draft picks but in the end most draft picks become fan favorites. If you really want to see Jazz fans bash someone take a look at what they say about Carlos Boozer. Don't hate Jazz fans they say things without thinking and are probably the most difficult fans to please. I was happy with the Jazz's draft pick and feel we got better at a void that needed to be filled. Really Jazz fans welcome Eric Maynor, they just always like to wine over something. Glad with the current roster we have and feel the team we have has a great chance to go very far this season without injuries. No take anything said on Jazz forums personal it all changes once us Jazz fans see a player play, although saying us I never felt badly about our pick, Maynor was what we needed and the best available for us at the time.