Jeff Capel....Cheer or Boo?

Mar 10, 2009
I'm just curious to get what everyone will do when Jeff Capel takes his spot on the visitors bench.

Capel did build up the program after McCarthy, winning a CAA Championship and making it to the NCAA Tournament in 2004.

BUT most found out the night before he was named head coach of OU, including the players and the AD staff.

I am very mixed on this so I just wanted to see what everyone else was thinking.
I'm not going to boo the man, but he works for the opposition now so I'm certainly not going to cheer. Silence.
unitedram said:
BUT most found out the night before he was named head coach of OU, including the players and the AD staff.
You are right about the players, but I think the AD knew what was going on. I do respect that he is actually going through with the series rather than buying it out. We can cheer and have a party for him later though. He is the enemy tomorrow night.
I was just about to make a new thread when I saw this one. I was extremely curious about the reception you are going to give him tomorrow.

I know ODU fans would boo him and his dad right out of the building, but the man won you some titles, so you have to show a little respect no? I expect the students will boo, not knowing anything about history and all that, but some of the older guys should appreciate JC putting you on the road to success and giving you Eric Maynor for the last 4 years no?
I see the students being all over the OU team itself when it comes out. I'm might be wrong but I think some will hold back when Capel comes out because I'm pretty sure there's at least a couple of students who know Capel's connection with VCU and all that.

But who knows? We'll find out soon enough I guess.
I will stand and cheer.

This is a class guy. He rebuilt this program. I had a streak going when he was here to. It started with Mac and continued until my dad died the last year Jeff was here. The difference between the two were dramatic. Just a different atmosphere, a different feeling. I don't think we would be anywhere near where we are today without him being our coach.

When my dad died he called me, sent a card, and had the team send a card. I will always be his fan.

For the 40 minutes of the game I will give him and his team heck, as usual. But before the clock starts and after it ticks to zero, I will still consider him my friend.
I will stand and cheer when he comes out before the game, but will ride his @$$ with Rick all game long!
I agree you have to give him the respect. A simple applause will get the point across.

I hope the guys at RamNation are able to record his entrance, for us that wont be able to make it to the game, but really enjoy the video recaps. Wish I could be there, but I will be there next Friday for the first game I have seen live in 2 years. Can't wait.
I will appaud him also-He will be a great one and started here and no coach would have ever turned down that offer, because OU is a destination in the coaching ranks as is UCLA, Kentucky, Duke, etc. He loves VCU and Richmond and I cannot fault a man for moving on to better himself. I have to face that all the time in the real world when I have a great young employees leave for a better opportunity for their family.

We are not a destination yet my friends........
The guy brought Eric Maynor, Nick George, BA, JPR, J Shu,... and of course my boy, Renardo Dixon, to the black and gold (and many others).

I am thankful for that, him winning a CAA title, but also leaving and letting Coach Grant actually turn Eric into what he became (seriously folks...Eric behind Alex was a huge mystery to all of us that entire season).

That said, he's still the coach of the other team...and still someone who traded us in for a BCS squad. I understand why someone would do it, but I can still be bitter. So if I could be vocal from my seat...I would boo him pretty hard. Just being honest.